As the New Year draws near and businesses complete their budgets for 2017, recruiting and hiring operations can become delayed. The fact is that while hiring may take a break, the amount of work does not. A staffing agency is often a great way to get an extra set of hands or to rapidly fill an open position.

It is better to be in front of the hiring curve, allowing you to ramp up hiring in the new year.

As you may expect, workers take vacation time during the holiday season. While this is normal, it does increase the amount of work for those who still have to come in. A temporary worker is an easy solution which allows valuable staff to avoid an overly stressful holiday season and keep daily operations humming along.

A great benefit of hiring a temporary worker is the capacity to “test out” a possible permanent worker. A seasonal holiday position will permit the company to see how a person meshes with the corporate culture and connects to other workers. Managers, in turn, can justify adding further staff to their budget for 2017 if they have identified a star performer.

With the versatility and simplicity of bringing on a temporary worker, many businesses find this is a great approach to beginning the new year.

The new year is also a time when we normally try to break all the bad habits that have built up over the past 12 months. For personnel managers, that means taking a proactive approach to staffing in 2017.

Avoid staffing emergencies

At some point in the upcoming year, you may find yourself unexpectedly losing an essential team member, or you may run into difficulties related to understaffing. Rather than react to this situation, you can be proactive by partnering with a staffing agency like ours for quick and easy access to a large group of pre-qualified talent that is on the lookout for job opportunities.

Avoid lowering your standards

After scanning countless resumes and holding many interviews, hiring managers can be desperate to bring someone, anyone on board. Often that means lowering standards and picking a poorly qualified candidate that seemed nice.

You should always look to bring on a qualified person for each particular job opening. Not only should they have the right experience and skills, they should also be a good fit for your company culture.

Locating qualified individuals isn’t always difficult, but it does come up. Rather than running the risk of making a desperate hiring decision, take steps to grow a sizeable talent pool through networking and social media.

By partnering with a staffing company, you’re not only insuring your organization against unexpected staffing losses, you’re also eliminating the time and energy spent on writing up job postings, placing ads, evaluating resumes and interviewing candidates.

At Action Group, we safeguard all kinds of companies against staffing issues and making bad hires. If your organization is looking for a staffing safety net, please contact us.

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