For years, we’ve heard about the importance of earning a college degree and one of the unfortunate byproducts of that emphasis has been a massive decline in the number of people entering the skilled trades.

The fact is, skilled trades offer a lot of earning potential and career satisfaction. With the cost of a college diploma continuing to rise, skilled trades are also a less costly option than earning a four-year or advanced college degree before getting a job.

If you think entering a skilled trade is a possibility for you, consider the following benefits listed below.


It is far from cheap to earn a college degree these days. A college degree doesn’t just cost a large amount of money, you also have to invest a lot of time. Unfortunately, that massive investment of time and money doesn’t guarantee you will get the job you want.

If you choose to pursue a career in the skilled trades, the cost for entry is significantly lower and you can find yourself on the jobsite before you know it.

Job Opportunities

A brief internet search will show you the massive demand for skilled trade workers in today’s labor market. As a result of skilled trades being more popular with previous generations, there are more people retiring from the trades than there are going into them. Therefore, companies either desperately need skilled trade workers or soon will. Recently published studies have shown the need for trade workers will be high for years to come.

Career Satisfaction

Too often, people find themselves doing a job that doesn’t match their education. For instance, those with a communications degree may wind up working in a warehouse, not a public relations office.

If you would like a job that asks you to use specific abilities you have learned on a daily basis, you should choose a career in skilled trades. Those who are trained to be a plumber will find work as a plumber and be paid for doing good plumbing work. This means a much greater chance of career satisfaction.

Significant Flexibility

There is a misconception that when you work in the skilled trades, you have no job flexibility. This is just not the case.

One major benefit of a skilled trade career is leaving work issues behind the second you walk off the job site. Also, once you have reached a certain point in your career, you have the option to go out and work on your own as a contractor. If you pursue this line of work, you are your own boss and have the option of using staffing companies to help you find work, if need be.

Growth Possibilities

Given the current and projected state of the skilled trade labor market, there should be significant career growth possibilities for many years to come. You could climb the corporate ladder at a major company or strike out on your own. Both paths offer the opportunity to advance in stature and make more money.

At Action Group Staffing, we regularly work with skilled trade professionals to help them find best-fit career possibilities. If you currently considering a career in the skilled trade or you’re looking for skilled trade work, please contact us today.

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