Technology is disrupting almost every industry right now, and a big result of that is increased pressure on professionals to keep evolving their skill set.

Regardless of your career or industry, you need to stay on top of your skills if you want to be in demand. This means you must have the right mindset and soft skills needed to keep existing abilities fresh and adopt new techniques.

Consider the following job skills that are absolutely necessary if you want to be more marketable.

Desire to learn

The desire to learn new abilities is one of the most engaging qualities someone can have in the mind of a hiring manager. Companies want to see applicants with a passion to learn new things, keep abreast of industry trends and push themselves outside their comfort zone.

The desire to keep improving your skill set makes you a more valuable employee to any company.

Business know-how

As more businesses embrace flat organizational structures and the empowerment of staff members, they are also increasingly trying to find individuals who understand key business principles.

Ideally, employees should understand how the various parts of a business function. You, the job seeker, should be able to show hiring personnel you understand the fundamental functions of other departments within the companies you are applying to, as it will make you a considerably more attractive candidate.


Being a good problem solver is always preferred by employers because times change and difficulties inevitably arise. Organizations want staff members who can troubleshoot and solve issues when they arise.

To demonstrate that you’re a problem solver, use the interview to cite instances in the past where you recognized an issue, created a solution and produced a desired, quantifiable result.

Social media literacy

Social media is shifting the way businesses operate, which is why it’s crucial to not only understand these platforms, but also be capable of using them effectively for business purposes.

Despite the significance of social media, many job seekers today still aren’t taking advantage of social media. For instance, a recent Pew Research Center study discovered that just 21 percent of all U.S. adults use Twitter.

People looking for work who have good online social media presences have a strong advantage over applicants that have minimal experience with platforms like Facebook and Twitter. People of all ages and career levels can get better jobs and more opportunity by being social media literate.


Change driven by technology can be challenging, and companies want to see candidates can prosper in tough circumstances. Resiliency is the capability to recover from setbacks. Rather than falling apart under pressure, you ought to be at ease with the occasional failure, finding ways to make the most of a bad situation and seeing failure as an opportunity for learning.

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