Core Setter

Pryor, OK

Employment Type: Temp To Hire
Industry: Industrial
Job Number: 1361373
Pay Rate: paid weekly!

Job Description

  • Temp To Hire
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Performs all necessary tasks to finish and close molds made by molding machines to prepare molds for pouring. Lift cores by hand or using a hoist. Used compressed air to blow any lose sand off cores. Sand any rough edges on cores. Set cores in mold. Place cope seal, rods and gaggers and place or clean venting holes with a vent drill. Blow out molds and examine as required. Set and anchor cores and sleeves.   Inspect sprue alignment. Make final assembly of core on the molding line. Perform all related duties. Use forklift to move cores, pallets and racks. Sweep and shovel when needed. Clean muller daily and sand cooler weekly. May perform herman mold machine operator duties. This position may be classified as a lead person which will perform job duties as assigned. Keep work area clean and orderly. Know safety rules that apply to the safety of others and to personal safety. Report malfunction of equipment to proper authority. Perform other work as instructed by supervision.

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