Iron Pourer

Pryor, OK

Employment Type: Temp To Hire
Industry: Industrial
Job Number: 1795898

Job Description

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Perform all necessary tasks to pour molds in pouring floor and/or automatic molding lines from ladles. Have good knowledge of Foundry operation. Operates power driven trolley and hoist to move ladles to holding furnaces where molten metal is poured into the ladle. May weigh and make ready alloys, and add predetermined quantity of alloy at alloy addition station and take ladle to pouring line. Performs duties to pour into molds from ladles. Checks melt for slag and other impurities and all flux required. May manually push ladle into position and place pre-heater to ladle when not in use. Must take care to maintain proper metal flow and continuity to produce quality castings. Visually check color of metal to judge pouring temperature and vary pouring techniques to conform with metal types and casting design to avoid strains, cold shuts, misruns, sand washes, and gas blows. Use and maintain chipping gun. Assist with maintaining records, reline furnace performing brick work, mix refractory materials, and repair and replacement of refractory. Able to tap a ladle, at the right amount, and kind of metal. Keep work area clean and orderly. Know safety rules that apply to the safety of others and to personal safety. Perform other work as instructed by supervisor.
**Safety-sensitive position

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