Melt/Furnace Operator

Pryor, OK

Employment Type: Temp To Hire
Industry: Industrial
Job Number: 1457248
Pay Rate: Paid Weekly

Job Description

  • Temp To Hire
  • Anywhere

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Responsible for the correct operation of the electric furnaces, keeping the iron at proper temperatures and at the proper chemical analysis for pouring castings. Oversees and checks the charging of furnaces with prescribed portions of scrap, pigs, alloys, and additions. Adjusts electrical controls to regulate power input to maintain prescribed rate of melting and temperatures. Check temperatures and finish off melt for pouring operations. Directs activities and instructs others to tap furnaces. Responsible for monitoring in the Melt Control room all electrical controls, pumps, water temperature, hydraulic units of induction, holding furnaces, and the control panel of the preheat system. Operate pre-heater with controls and monitor weight. Works from charge and melting specifications. Receive lab printout, interpret information and compute the amount of additives or alloys needed to bring the heat to proper specifications. Insure that the melter follows the proper oxidation/reduction still refinement techniques are followed. Periodically inspect the furnace. Reline furnaces. Slag furnaces and tundishes and prepare launders. Operate a forklift to move slag bins, pallets, etc. Responsible for furnace refractory repair. Responsible for daily clean up. Sweep as needed. May perform job duties of iron pourer, ladle repair and/or crane operator. This position may be classified as a lead person which will perform job duties as assigned. Know Foundry induction furnace water system. Keep work area clean and orderly. Know safety rules that apply to the safety of others and to personal safety. Perform other work as instructed by supervisor.

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