Drive your success.

Job seekers who have worked with Action Group Staffing know that we are a people first business. From the moment you fill out an application, to your first day on the job, to the day you decide to move up the ladder, we’ll help you every step of the way. Our Building Success program has put thousands of job seekers on the road to a better career and a better life.

Our Hiring Process

Want to work with Action Group Staffing? Fill out an application online or visit one of our offices. We’ll set you up right away with a staffing coordinator who will review your skills and work history. After reviewing our policies and answering your questions, they will have you take a test to assess your qualifications for the positions you’re interested in.

After your interview, the team behind your staffing coordinator will be dedicated to finding you a job. Later, if you are assigned to a temporary or seasonal position, our team will work hard to find you a new job while you’re working. We strive to ensure seamless employment.

Testing and Training

Action Group believes in helping our employees develop their job skills and grow their careers. In fact, we’ve built a modern testing and training facility for just this reason. We can assess your skills with tests for dozens of industries – we can even help you discover some you didn’t know you had. Our employees have access to our extensive training library to improve their skills. We will also hold safety, orientation and skills training programs in our state-of-the-art classrooms. If you’re determined to succeed, we’re determined to help you get there.

For a job search that is seamless, smooth and respectful, contact us today!

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