Laundry Attendant
ID: JV332586125
Location: Saddle Brook, NJ
Type: Contract
Category: None
Action Group Staffing is hiring for a Laundry Attendant Position in Saddle Brook, NJ. The ideal candidate must be able to effectively communicate with customers, have good time-management skills, and be able to handle customer transactions at the cash register. 

Responsibilities of the Laundry Attendant:
• Sorting linens, towels, clothing and other laundry items by color, size and material
• Wrapping laundry items for pickup or delivery to customers and hospitality guests
• Washing items with commercial laundry equipment following proper sanitization protocols
• Cleaning and maintaining laundry room area and equipment
• Unloading laundry from commercial dryers
• Stocking laundry supplies such as detergent, bleach, laundry bags and fabric softener
• Creating laundry tags with identifiable customer information
• Creating invoices for laundry orders

Requirements of the Laundry Attendant: 
• Good customer service skills when handling customer and guest requests
• Physical stamina when remaining stationary for extended periods and moving laundry loads
• Excellent time management skills to handle multiple tasks throughout each shift
• Basic math skills for calculating laundry times and counting change for coin-operated machines
• Attention to detail when sorting colored items and handling delicate fabrics
• Problem-solving skills for addressing customer issues and complaints

  • Dental/vision/health insurance options
  • flexible schedule: 9am-3pm or 6pm-9pm
  • $15.00 per hour  


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