We would all prefer a secure, permanent position. But the reality is, finding a job like that takes time. For most job seekers, that’s time they simply don’t have. Rather than settling for a less-then-perfect job, why not try temp work?

There are several advantages to taking a temporary job:

Gain Experience

Temporary work allows you to very quickly gain experience in a variety of roles. Maybe you’ve never driven a forklift. Or worked in a skilled position. Maybe all you’ve ever been hired to do is stack boxes. A temporary position may be exactly what you need to pack your resume with a variety of experiences and new skills. Taking on temporary positions also demonstrates that you’re open to trying new experiences, pushing yourself, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

“Shop” Around

When you’re in a pinch and need a new job in order to pay next week’s bills, waiting for the perfect job isn’t always an option. This means you have two choices. Either you take the first job the comes along, which probably only vaguely resembles the job you really want, or you can look for a temporary job that will pay the bills until you find that perfect position. While you’re there, you will also have the opportunity to test out a new employer, a new craft, maybe even a whole new profession.

It may take more than one job before you find that perfect long-term position, but don’t get discouraged. Instead, look at this as an opportunity. Most regular positions won’t let you test out several roles, and they definitely won’t let you try several different plants or companies. Approach each temporary position you work the same way you do a test-drive for a new car. Use the opportunity to find the features you like, and steer clear of the things you don’t.

Build Your References

While you’re shopping around for the best environment, you also have the opportunity to work with dozens of new coworkers, managers, and company leaders. If you do an above-average job, and build relationships with the people you’re working beside, you will quickly accrue a large number of high-quality references.

The next time a hiring manager asks you to supply a list of references, your biggest problem will be choosing which names to send.

Temporary jobs provide a quick, short-term solution to your work needs, but they shouldn’t be looked at as simply a bridge between now and your next “real” job. Temporary work offers several opportunities to build your resume, make connections, and make finding the perfect job that much easier. Whether you’re looking for long-term or temporary work (or you’re open to both!), contact and Action Group Staffing specialist today.


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