For those thinking of making a career change, a production supervisor position offers the chance to direct employees in a fast-paced environment.

Accountable for worker performance in a manufacturing environment, a production supervisor must be competent and able to understand complex operations. They should be able to optimize both day-to-day activities and long-term strategies for a team of individuals.

An effective production supervisor displays leadership, problem-solving skills, effective communication, time management abilities, a technical capacity and the ability to learn.

Generally speaking, these jobs require spending a lot of time on the production floor. Production supervisors are often exposed to temperature extremes, fumes, unpleasant odors, airborne particles, loud noise and heavy vibrations. They also must often work near the exposed parts of heavy machinery.

Job duties

The primary objective of a production supervisor is to make sure that production operations produce products of the best quality in a profitable way.

In order to do that, a supervisor must organize a workflow by determining responsibilities and preparing daily activities. A production manager should also identify any issues with respect to departmental performance and recommend way to boost sagging productivity. This may involve training workers on the best way to safely use equipment and follow procedures.

They should also coach workers toward their maximum productivity, a responsibility that includes submitting reports on performance and progress toward individual goals. A person in this supervisory position is also responsible for handling disgruntled employees and employee disputes.

Production managers also implement stringent safety guidelines and standardized company procedures. This includes overseeing the safe use of equipment, holding regular safety training sessions and scheduling the regular maintenance or machinery and tools. If an accident occurs, it is the supervisor’s responsibility to take part in an investigation to determine the root cause.

Job requirements

The ideal candidate for a production supervisor position has experience in manufacturing. They should have experience with using various kinds of production machinery and tools, as well as organizational and leadership abilities. The best candidates are self-motivated and take a results-driven approach to their job.

Many, but not all, employers require that their production supervisors have earned at least an associate degree and have at least three years of experience. Employers often prefer candidates for these positions to have a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of experience.

While carrying out the duties of a production supervisor, they are often standing, walking, using their hands, reaching and entering into tight spaces. This person is occasionally asked to climb, balance, kneel, crouch or crawl. They typically must be able to lift or move 10 pounds or more.

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