Searching for a job can be a lot of work for one person. Add in any pressure to get that new job as soon as possible and the task can easily become overwhelming.

By turning to a staffing firm like Action Group, you gain an entire team of skilled professionals that are motivated to help you find your next job. Using a staffing firm in your job search also has a number of other advantages, including coaching, experience, personalized insight and access to unadvertised opportunities.


More than anything, the people at staffing agencies know just how hard the job search can be, and these folks can coach you through the ups and downs you are bound to go through. This psychological support is particularly important when applying to jobs, as an upbeat attitude is more likely to get you hired.

Staffing professionals can also help with the more technical aspects of job seeking, including resume writing and interview preparation. They know what companies are looking for in candidates and can give you insider knowledge on the other side of the hiring process.


Speaking of insider knowledge, staffing professionals have pretty much seen it all. They’ve gone through the bleak times of the Great Recession, and they understand the intricacies of the current labor market, where a low unemployment rate means talented professionals have considerable bargaining power.

Furthermore, if it’s been a while since the last time you were looking for a new job, a staffing company can get you up to speed on the latest and greatest techniques.


When you’re looking for jobs and you keep getting turned down or even brushed off, it’s hard to know what you are doing wrong. Because recruiters work with the same companies over and over again, they can talk to their client companies and pinpoint where you are going wrong.

Staffing professionals also know a big part of the hiring process has to do with the different personalities involved, and because they have gotten to know the hiring managers at their client companies, they can tell you what individual hiring managers like and what they don’t like.  This type of insight gives you an advantage over other job seekers who are going it alone.

Unadvertised opportunities

Because staffing agencies are in such close contact with their clients, they often know when a position will open up, or has opened up but hasn’t been advertised. This benefits companies because they trust their staffing partner to be able to find good candidates quickly, reducing time-to-hire.

Also, companies have been known to hire a highly skilled individual through a staffing firm before a position has even opened up. While this doesn’t happen all the time, companies that want exceptional talent won’t wait around for a job to open up and risk seeing that talent go to the competition.

At Action Group, we work hard to give our job seekers every advantage over professionals who choose to go it alone. Please contact us to learn more about how we can give you a leg up on the competition.

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