If you’re interviewing for a chief executive position, your choice of attire should be a no-brainer: You wear a very, very nice suit.

However, wearing a suit worth $1,000 or more to a warehouse is a bit of overkill, and would probably work against you. If you wear an expensive suit to an interview for a warehouse job, you might be seen as pretentious, out of touch or overly ambitious and looking to move up the ranks as soon as possible. On the other hand, you don’t want to show up in sweatpants and a tank top.

Clearly, deciding what to wear for a warehouse job interview isn’t easy, especially since a misstep could cost you the job.

What You Should Wear

Above all else, your interview attire should look professional. If your interview clothes would look out of place in an office, don’t wear it. For instance, men should avoid tops without sleeves, ripped jeans, gym clothes and dirty old sneakers, while women should avoid distracting jewelry and revealing clothing.

In addition to making you look professional, your clothes should also make you feel comfortable. Therefore, if you’re not accustomed to a neatly pressed suit, opt for business casual clothes. For men, this normally means khakis and a shirt with a collar or a nice sweater. A shirt-and-tie is also a good choice, and a conservative, neutral-colored suit is ok, too. For women, business casual means a nice shirt and dress pants. A dress or skirt can be suitable, as long as it isn’t too colorful or revealing.

Bottom line: You don’t want clothes to be an issue, so play it safe.

Other Important Interview Choices

In addition to picking out the right clothes, there are a number of other important decisions you need to make in order to have a successful interview.

To start with, you have to figure out how to get there on time. Turning up late to an interview won’t be acceptable to even the most lenient employers. Conversely, you don’t want to turn up more than 10 minutes early, either.

It’s also important to show up with the bare essentials: Several copies of your resume and any certifications you have earned. These documents should all be organized, wrinkle-free and readily accessible. While you can bring your phone, keep it tucked away unless it’s essential and relevant to what is taking place in the interview.

You also need to decide to walk into the interview with a good attitude. Make an effort to smile, be outgoing and proactive in your interactions. That can be challenging if you’re not a natural people person. However, people will appreciate your attempts to reach out and be friendly. Simply looking people in the eye as you interact is a solid approach to making a good impression.

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