If you’ve made it to the final interview for a job you really want, congratulations! You’ve beat out a lot of other candidates and deserve a pat on the back.

That being said, this isn’t the time to kick back and rest on your laurels. There’s still work to be done. Not only do you need to secure a job offer, you should also be thinking about continuing to build up your value, so when that offer does come, it should be close to what you want or better.

Consider the following tips for mastering the final interview, so you can get that killer job offer!

Now Is Not the Time for Humility

While most final interviews will be about your fit with the job and the business, they generally still have some technical aspect to them, just to validate your abilities.

Go ahead and showcase your technical stuff with confidence. Research has revealed interviewees who show a bit of vanity actually end up being rated better than those with a modest approach. You can’t depend on others to make your case for you, so you had better to spell it out for them!

Now is not the time for arrogance

While you need to come across as very confident, you should also avoid being confident to the point you’re unlikeable.

Also, other finalists could have you beat in certain areas, so you should be showing you’re mindful of that and taking care of any shortcomings. Saying you’d like to learn more about a certain subject, recognizing your faults and talking about any steps you’re taking comes across as refreshing and keeps you from sounding arrogant.

Know the Job

The final interview normally includes a little tour of where you’d be working, should you take the position. Doing this gives you a sense of what you’d be signing up for and allows interviewers to gauge your interest. Assuming you really want the job, it’s a good idea to show interest during this part of the process. You can do that by asking thoughtful questions about daily responsibilities, the specific resources you’d have, and any unusual situations that may come up.

Be a Pro

While you ought to feel comfortable enough to joke around in an interview, you should also be ready to get down to brass tacks. There are always some areas of the position you want to be serious about when discussing them. If, for instance, the role involves dealing with clients or managing employees, be ready to talk about your experience in a way that inspires confidence. Read your interviewer as you have throughout the process, looking for times to be serious and moments to show the lighter side of your personality.

At Action Group Staffing, we consult with job seekers all throughout an interview process to give them the best chance of finding a job opportunity that fits their needs. If you’re currently looking for a new job opportunity, please contact us today.

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