Interviewing for a promotion is unlike interviewing for a new job with a different employer: You intimately know the people, the company, the history and the culture.

In addition to knowing how the company and its people operate, you also have a chance to show off your skills in your present position. You can use your well-established dedication to the company and ambitions to grow within it to your advantage.

However, you’re not the only one with this unique opportunity and ‘inside information’. Any of your co-workers who are also vying for this promotion will be on the same playing field. You also have to work against any negative perceptions of you that might be floating around, an issue that outside applicatants for the position don’t have to deal with. Clearly, there’s no reason to take this kind of interview lightly.

Consider the following tips on how to interview for that promotion you really want.

Follow the guidelines

When trying to get a promotion within the company, staff members are expected to apply and interview for the job per the standard guidelines: Expect to submit a resume and cover letter for the new position. In fact, submitting an updated resume and customized cover letter specific to the job can be very helpful in trying to get the position.

Prepare properly

If you are chosen for an interview, inform your current supervisor so they don’t hear about it from a third party. Explain why you are trying to get the promotion and ask for support. It’s important to carry on doing your current job well; to remind decision-makers what a great worker you are and just in case you don’t get the promotion.

Review standard interview questions and think about how you would respond by using your understanding of the business, your present job, the new position, your abilities and your career goals. Be able to talk about any abilities you have that make you qualified for the new job.

During the interview

Although you may know the business, and maybe even know the interviewer, do not adopt a casual attitude. It’s essential not to seem too relaxed and overconfident. It is critical to show you are serious about the position and have what it takes to maintain professional decorum in the new role.

Be sure to spotlight your understanding of the position and the business, as well as the success you have had in your tenure. Also, talk about your commitment towards the business and desire to make it as successful as possible.

After the interview

Send a thank-you note to the person or persons that interviewed you and restate your interest in the job.

If you get the promotion, do not burn any bridges. You may be leaving co-personnel behind, perhaps becoming their boss. You need to handle them with the exact same respect you did when you were working together.

In the event you don’t get the position, leave feelings behind and focus on getting the next promotion or job opportunity.

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