Having too much work is a good problem to have, as they say, and if you’re a business owner with this problem, your thoughts will likely turn to hiring more staff.

However, it is important in these situations not to jump the gun. You don’t want to hire several new employees when the problem can be addressed by some overtime or outsourcing of work. You also don’t want to wait too long and lose business because your staff is overwhelmed.

With these concerns in mind, consider the following signs it’s time to start hiring.

Customer service has fallen off a cliff

One sign it’s time to hire is when your degree of customer service starts to fall short. An inadequate workforce can lead to long wait times or the loss of prospective customers who go unacknowledged. If you’ve realized you’re finding it difficult to offer a high level of customer service, it may be time to think about adding new employees. No company can afford to push away existing customers or neglect possible new ones.

Wasted time on admin

If you find yourself bogged down by administrative duties and critical revenue-generating activities are suffering, it’s a clear sign you need additional staff members to tackle tasks like filling out invoices. Admin is necessary, but it does not contribute toward long-term growth.

One easy way to determine whether you need additional support is to do a quick calculation on the dollar value of management’s time per hour. If management is performing tasks that would cost far less if assigned to somebody else, consider delegating them to new employees.

Work is being turned down

When the incoming demand is bigger than your workforce can manage, the results tend to suffer. If you’re delivering the goods on time, but you’re turning down work just to maintain current clients, you ought to think about adding staff.

Revenue is suffering

In some situations, the revenue each staff member can produce is a critical factor for reaching company goals. Identify what staff sections play the biggest role in the success of your company and establish if each one has sufficient support. Adding top-notch employees where necessary will produce a healthy, competitive ecosystem in your company, thus increasing your revenues.

You’re considering an expansion

Expanding your company means more clients, and more clients means a greater workload. Counting on your existing workforce by itself will result in work overload. You’ll have to hire new staff members and mix them with your existing team to make certain you are capable of persistently delivering the same level of quality your clientele expects. Incorporating your old and new workers is an ideal opportunity for learning and enhancing your company operations.

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