You spent months learning how to manage employees from home after the world abruptly shifted back in March. Now things are starting to reopen, and maybe you have some positions that need to be filled.

What’s the best way to hire new staff during a worldwide pandemic? How is it even possible?

Here are a few tips.

Prioritize safety and sanitization, then show your commitment.

Employees, whether new to the team or returning from home, want to know you’re doing all you can to keep them safe. As you go through the interview process, be asked about your sanitization and cleaning protocols and what steps you have to address social distancing, the use of masks, employee gathering spaces, etc. However, it’s not just enough to put words to paper; once you have steps outlined and requirements in place, enforce them.

Ask for feedback.

Your employees are an excellent resource for you and your company. They’re those out on the floor, interacting with each other and with customers or clients. After a few weeks of being back at work, ask a few how they’re feeling. Are they happy with the new sanitation practices, or do they have concerns? If you’re hiring someone new, ask them what they think is the best protection and preventive measures. Understand that not everyone will have the same comfort levels as some of the decisions, but try to get a sense of what most people are happy with or where concerns remain. Make changes as needed.

Create and emphasize a culture of safety.

Without your employees, your company will grind to a halt. They deserve to be valued and protected, not to have corners cut where their safety and health are concerned. When interviewing candidates, be prepared to talk about ways in which the company is prioritizing employee health. Are you offering flexibility with remote work? Are you bringing in a specialized cleaning crew once a week, or every few days, for a deep sanitizing session? Are employees empowered to report concerns or hazards anonymously? Make it clear that employees have a role to play in keeping their colleagues — their friends — safe and healthy. If everyone understands their role, they’ll feel more committed to working together to keep the workplace safe.

Understand new positions might be needed.

Higher demands for cleaning and sanitizing could bring with them the need for more janitorial staff. Consider what your cleaning needs were pre-COVID and then add to it. Will you need more people? Will each person need more time to complete the enhanced cleaning procedures? If new staff is required, how long will it take to interview and hire them, and how long will it take to equip everyone on that team with the necessary personal protective equipment? Be sure to offer sufficient training and clarify why the enhanced cleaning procedures are needed and the importance of following them to the letter. Things will change over the next few months, but paying close attention to cleaning is never a bad idea

There’s a lot of pressure on managers and HR staff right now to create a safe workplace. Your current employees will expect this; your prospective employees will want to know about it. Be prepared with a list of answers and procedures, and you’ll set everyone’s mind at ease.

If you’re still unsure what you need to do to keep your employees safe, contact Action Group Staffing. We’re ready to help guide you through these confusing times, and, if needed, we can also help you find great new employees ready and eager to get to work. Contact us today, and let’s get started!

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