By: Mike Brooks

Posted at 3:31 PM, Oct 09, 2020

TULSA, Okla. — “Some people like them short, some people like them taller. I just do whatever the person wants.”

For the past eight years, Ann Kinser has been doing all she can to help her neighbors.

“I just go up and introduce myself,” Kinser said. “I ask them, may I mow your lawn free of charge?”

Kinser is the first to welcome new families to her neighborhood.

“Basically they have a little bit of a shocked look, and I just explain that’s just my Christian way of doing things,” she said. “I’ve never had anybody refuse me.”

In all, Kinser mows 16 yards every week, mostly in one day.

“I’d love to do more, but I just don’t have the capabilities.”

It’s a feat she said takes almost 900 hours every summer.

“About 80 percent of the people I mow for are either disabled or elderly who can’t do it themselves or afford to have it done,” she said.

But every week, Kinser’s out there, rain or shine, despite having her own health issues.

“I’ve had two major surgeries this month, and if my doctors happen to see this… I’m not working,” Kinser laughed.

Kinser said spending time on her lawnmower gives her one on one time with the man upstairs.

“When I’m out here mowing, that’s my freedom,” she said. “I am totally at peace with myself, and I can talk to the Lord.”

She admits it takes more than a prayer to keep her 13-year-old lawnmower running.

“She’s about to give up on me, but my husband’s a wonderful mechanic and keeps her going,” Kinser said. “So it’s a full-time job for him!”

Because of Kinser’s devotion to her neighbors, and volunteering countless hours to her church, Shriner organizations, Meals On Wheels, and 2 Works For You decided to make life a little easier and put the word out asking for help.

Action Group Staffing responded immediately, and they wanted to help you because of what you have been doing because you’ve inspired them so much,” said 2 Works for You evening anchor Mike Brooks.

“We are a local company here in Muskogee. Yes, we have been here for over 20 years,” said Rosa Diaz with Action Group Staffing. She presented Kinser with $2,200 in Lowe’s gift cards.

When asked if she named her old lawnmower, Kinser responded, no.

“I just call her “her” because we’re strong, we’re women, and we work together,” Kinser said.

When told she was able to pick any riding lawnmower she wanted, Kinser walked right up to a shiny orange Husqvarna and, for the first time in her life, bought something new without looking at the price.

“This is the greatest day the Lord ever gave me,” she said.

To help Kinser haul what she needs to so many yards, Lowe’s donated a cart with all kinds of supplies.

“We just wanted to help facilitate and make sure that you got everything you needed,” said Kyle Sien , the Lowe’s store manager.

With a tearful thank you, Kinser and her new lawnmower named “Charity,” rode off into the sunset, ready to change the world one lawn at a time.

“The joy it gives me for helping my neighbors is basically the best thing,” she said. “It really is because I know I’m doing the Lord’s work, and you can’t go wrong when you’re doing that.”



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