Despite the several challenges our country has faced in the past year, Action Group Staffing is capping off one of our most productive years ever. We’re continuing to grow and improve our service offering for our clients, and this last year in particular, we hit a new stride in staffing for the employers of Oklahoma and New Jersey.

In 2021 alone, we’ve grown our business and expanded our services by 77%! And now, with this momentum, we’re slated to open two new offices in Parsippany, NJ, and Oklahoma City, OK.

But enough about us, what does this mean for you – the employers and job-seekers in these areas?

Parsippany, NJ and Oklahoma City, OK Will Have a Trusted Partner in Staffing

For a while now, we’ve seen a much-needed option for staffing and recruiting in these areas. Until now, it’s been incredibly difficult for employers in industries ranging from light industrial, skilled trades, and hospitality to get access to the candidates they need.

And now they can.

As our current record in Oklahoma and New Jersey demonstrates, employers and job seekers in Parsippany and Oklahoma City can count on us to:

  • Provide a rapid solution for high-volume temp staffing and temp-to-hire recruiting
  • Provide the best, most knowledgeable employees in their specific industry
  • Deliver comprehensive HR services ranging from background checks, skills testing, orientation & safety training, and more
  • Deliver an outstanding experience from recruiting and placement all the way to the end of contract
  • Offer a variety of contract lengths to fit your needs
  • Expertly pair employers with candidates with a unique intuition for the perfect match
  • Address all of your staffing needs in one place and help 

But What About the Worker Shortage?

For all the employers out there, we get it. Workers have never been harder to come by. And at a time when demand for goods and services has never been greater, we know you’re feeling the pinch. 

It’s true: putting off growing your operations and focusing on your day-to-day operations to find workers can be a big drag on your business. That’s why the staffing services at Action Group have been such a complementary match for so many businesses. Between our access to an expansive pool of talent, the ability to recognize and recruit key talent, and take care of all the time-consuming details of hiring and even onboarding new employees, our clients find they have the time and confidence to get back to work and do what they do best in running their business. 

Job Seekers Looking for More Flexibility With A Better Employer

By far, one of the top concerns we’re hearing from job seekers these days is finding a job that can fit in their schedule, with the flexibility they need to create a great work/life balance. This is especially true for many of the workers who are struggling to take care of a family and juggle running a household.

Today’s job-seekers are feeling the strain of looking for the position that can support their needs. And today’s employers are feeling the strain of searching for the perfect employee for their opening.

That’s where we come in. Because we have a unique ability for knowing what concerns today’s workers the most and what they’re looking for, we’re able to match job seekers with the employer that fits them best.

What’s on the Horizon at Action Group Staffing?

In the meantime, we’re continuing to grow our services to better serve our clients and job seekers. In addition to our new DFW office, we are working hard to get our new offices opened in Parsippany and Oklahoma City, and to help bring together workers and employers with a solution for one of the most difficult job markets we’ve ever experienced.

We’re taking the momentum we’ve built up and breaking into the new markets of Parsippany and Oklahoma City. Whether you’re an employer or a job seeker in any of our current locations, contact us today to find the job, or the job-seeker you’re looking for!

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