The future is bilingual. And the key to hiring and employing the workforce of tomorrow is working with firms like Action Group Staffing—where recruiters can communicate with candidates who speak English or Spanish. But that’s not the only reason more employers are turning to our firm.  

While being a bilingual staffing agency helps us provide more candidates and make better placements, being a bilingual recruiter is not just about an ability to offer more or be “better.” Instead, it’s about providing meaningful results for our clients and helping to improve the lives of our candidates in ways that nobody else can.  

In this blog, we aim to illustrate some of the top benefits of working with a bilingual recruiter and why bilingual recruiting should become a top priority for all employers.   

Being Bilingual in Spanish Improves Communication  

There are over twenty-nine million Hispanic workers in the labor force today. In the sectors for which Action Group recruits, the ratio of Hispanic workers is much higher than in other industries.   

By working with a staffing agency that’s bilingual in Spanish, employers can ensure that they are more able to effectively and thoroughly communicate with a higher percentage of their candidates. Improved communication in the hiring process is helpful on many levels:  

  • Gauging language proficiency: A bilingual recruiter can assess the job seeker’s fluency and vocabulary, which can help place the job seeker with the most appropriate opportunities.  
  • Professional experience: Fully understanding the job seeker’s professional background and qualifications in the Spanish-speaking job market can help the recruiter identify job opportunities that best fit the job seeker.
  • Vetting references: Recruiters will always need to vet their candidates thoroughly and get the whole picture of the candidate. If their primary language is Spanish, chances are their references will also speak Spanish.   
  • Work authorization: Helping employers and job seekers navigate the legal requirements for hiring and working in the United States, including work authorization, can be complex and problematic for non-Spanish-speaking recruiters. 

Enhanced Competitiveness for Employers  

Employers don’t need a reminder of the talent shortage they’ve been dealing with for the past few years. But if we want to change the narrative about the prospective job market of the future, we need to talk about hiring Spanish-speaking workers.   

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States. So, working with a recruiter that can speak Spanish is one of the most effective ways to open your business to a much larger pool of potential candidates. Additionally, many qualified and highly skilled Spanish-speaking workers are out there. They all have the potential to bring a broader range of skills and qualifications to your business.  

Increased Creativity and Innovation With Diversity  

With a more diverse workforce, employers benefit from their employees’ unique perspectives, experiences and skills. In addition, a diverse workforce can lead to more creative and innovative solutions to problems and a more practical approach to decision-making.  

American businesses are working hard to get a leg up in the global marketplace. Many employers have discovered a more diverse workforce can help them better understand and serve the needs of their customers and create a culture of inclusion and respect, which can improve employee morale and productivity.  

Better Customer Service  

There’s no better way to improve customer service—or the candidate experience—than to meet prospective employees at their level. By working with Spanish-speaking recruiters, employers are taking the first step towards understanding and connecting with their future employees on a personal level.   

In the end, employers who’ve worked with a bilingual recruiter will more deeply understand their employees and will position their company to provide a better working environment for them. Serving your potential employees this way is powerful and can make a lasting impression, potentially turning your new hires into ambassadors for your employer brand.   

Bilingual Recruiters Provide a Critical Edge  

At Action Group Staffing, one of the essential services we provide is understanding. Understanding can be an intuitive ability to apply everything we’ve learned about our clients and candidates to identify and place the right people in the proper role.

There are few things more valuable than communication when helping our candidates and clients find the perfect fit. So, if having a bilingual recruiter sounds like the right hiring advantage for you, contact Action Group Staffing today

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