Being a good boss can be hard. In addition to your own work, you’re accountable for inspiring, guiding and rewarding a collection of workers who all have distinctive methods, unique mentalities and different needs.

For many, becoming a fantastic boss isn’t due to a few simple steps. Rather, it is a continuous refinement process that comes as a direct consequence of experience and hard work. Nevertheless, there are a few basic practices you can embrace in the short term to enhance your abilities as a leader.

Facilitate open communication

A good boss encourages open, two-way communication between themselves and their workers and among workers. Wherever possible, avoid limiting your employees communications and express appreciation when your workers actively communicate with each other. Also, show your appreciation when an employee approaches you, whether its about good news, bad news or no news at all. Essentially you should be creating an environment where your workers feel comfortable talking with each other.

Listen up

Good, open communication is also about listening. While you can’t force your employees to listen, you can set an example by listening to them, allowing them to complete their sentences without jumping in and taking what they say seriously.

As a boss, you should also be thinking critically about what your employees tell you and following up on both suggestions and legitimate complaints.

Play to employees’ strengths

When you’re looking to manage daily tasks, it is easy for your focus on fall on operations or moves. However, you should make it a routine to consider employee’s current performance and strengths. Leveraging those strengths is major to maximizing productivity. For instance, if you determine an employees’ skills are being wasted doing menial work, you can reallocate their responsibilities to maximize their potential. You could also help workers increase their potential by offering training or education opportunities that align with their strengths.

Stay upbeat

Maintaining a positive outlook is a key habit for every good boss, as it leads to an optimistic and more productive culture.

Positivity can be a contagious mindset, meaning when you exhibit your positive mindset, your employees could be more likely to follow that identical positive mindset. Staying beneficial, even in the face of tough challenges, will allow employees to be confident and work productively toward a supreme accomplishment. Give into your employees’ optimism and feed that positive business culture by busting up negativity whenever possible. Once your overall workforce is incorporated in the habit, you’ll have a much easier time keeping it.

Put in some hard work

Your employees naturally look to you to set an example, and if you give your best, your workers will be more likely to work hard as well. Also, don’t toil in secret. Your employees want a hardworking boss so make sure they understand projects, goals and obligations you work on.

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