If you are finding your local employment options are somewhat limited, you may want to start looking in a different town, or even a different state.

Looking out of town for work is a major decision and requires even more research than a local job hunt. You’ll need to think about a few added variables that might not be very apparent.

Research the region

In addition to researching a company as you might for a local job, look into the areas where you would be living and working. You may want to pay attention to the climate, and what kind of inclement weather the region gets each year.

You should also look at things like cost of living and the state of surrounding neighborhoods. For instance, young, single people might want to live in an area with lots of entertainment options, while those raising a young family might want to live near quality schools.

Network and connect in person

Making connections at companies where you would like to work is important to any job search. However, it is particularly important if you are looking for an out-of-town job.

Once you make a few connections in your target region, try setting up some face-to-face meetings at local coffee shops and take a trip there. These meetings can help you get a sense of the area’s economy, industry and vibrancy. The information you get from these meetings could help you get a job in the area, or they could point you toward where you’ll want to live once you do get a job.

Reassure employers

An unfortunate truth is: Hiring managers are typically wary of hiring people who do not live in the area. They may not want to feel responsible for you moving if the job doesn’t work out. Also, they might be worried it will take longer than usual for you to get up to speed.

In order to put you on a level playing field with local job seekers, you need to do everything you can to reassure hiring manager you are very serious about moving to their area and building a new life. If you have close friends or family living in the area, you can reassure a hiring manager by letting them know you have a local support network.

If you don’t have close personal ties to the area, making connections and meeting them on a reconnaissance trip is a valuable step. Be sure to let a potential employer know if you have done this. It shows commitment to the move. Even more importantly, it shows initiative and communication skills.

Talk it over

If it looks like a move is in the cards, be sure to talk it over with your family. In particular, if you have a significant other or children, they need to embrace the possibility. There’s no point in chasing a great job out of town if your personal life is going to be in shambles.

Action Group has a number of different locations and that means a range of opportunities in different areas of the country. If you are considering looking for employment outside your home town, please contact us today.

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