While it’s important for every person in a company to do a good job, managers have so much more impact when they excel at what they do.

For one thing, good management directly translates to lower turnover. According to a 2015 Gallup poll, about half of all workers have quit a job due to bad management.

If you’re currently in management and looking to do a better job, consider implementing one or all of the following tips.

Build a good team

Creating the right mix of people is a management skill that often gets overlooked, but it’s probably the most important one. After all, if you have the right people in place and let them do their jobs, your team will mostly manage itself.

During the interview process, ask questions that will help you identify people with similar, winning values, like passion for their work and a strong sense of responsibility. If there are currently members of your team who are holding everyone else back, develop a plan that will result in either improved contributions or the employee being weeded out.

Get enough sleep

Another thing that often gets overlooked in today’s business culture is the importance of a good night’s rest. In fact, American business culture often celebrates the person who stays up late into the night just to put in some extra work.

However, a recent study from Harvard University found that sleep-deprived workers are actually less productive than those who get enough sleep each night. Even Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos sees the value of getting enough sleep each night.

“Eight hours of sleep makes a big difference for me, and I try hard to make that a priority,” Bezos recently told Thrive Global.

Empower your staff

People do great work for money, prestige or recognition, and they generally do bad work because they need to do the least amount possible yet still get paid. To encourage your employees, determine how you can make them feel empowered, privileged and recognized.

Your staff needs more than incentives or words of encouragement, however. Part of empowering your staff is being there for them when they need you with follow through, transparent priorities and honesty.

Anytime your employee puts in a request or asks for help you can’t offer immediately, jot it down. Then, take the time to go through and follow up on these requests, such as new equipment or extra training. Above all, whatever the result is, get back to the worker and let them know right away, even if the request was put off for the time being or isn’t going to be carried out.

Use your time wisely

There are only so many hours in a day, and it’s up to you to use that time wisely. Organized how you spend your time and develop a time budget where you can determine where time “needs” to be spent, when time “should” be spend” and any extra time you can allocate based on priorities.

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