During the summer months, most of us scramble to take advantage of the warm temperatures and sunny days. Because life can seem so much easier to enjoy in the summer, it’s important for companies to support a proper work-life balance for their employees.

Simply put, work-life balance is the idea that staff members should divide their time and energy between work and personal life in the healthiest way possible. In addition to handling professional responsibilities, work-life balance means a daily attempt to find time for family, friends, personal growth, spirituality and mental health.

The benefits for employers

Supporting a healthy work-life balance isn’t just a nice thing some employers do for their workers; it also offers numerous benefits for the company.

By letting staff members enjoy flexible work schedules, some organizations try to have their employees working when they are most effective. So, if one worker is not a morning person, they could come in an hour later and stay after office hours. This allows the worker to maintain their natural body rhythms and concentrate more on the tasks at hand.

Workers who have a long commute to work each day are more prone to be late and tired even before the day starts. If the daily commute is already taxing enough, taking on their obligations will be even more stressful, particularly if the nature of their job is challenging. However, if workers with a long commute can work from home for one or two days a week, they will be happier and choose to stick with the business over another company that doesn’t offer such an arrangement. Furthermore, these workers will feel supported and more encouraged to contribute to the company’s growth.

If a business provides work-life balance for their workers, it will be capable of holding on to top performers. This not only makes keeping efficient and skilled essential personnel easier, it also means clients will see the business retaining high-quality staff members in their team. This helps to develop and support a great brand for the business and earn respect from clients.

Ways to support work-life balance

Some companies, like Netflix, are supporting a work-life balance by implementing policies that permit workers to come in and leave at times that are best for them. This flexibility allows employees to focus on reaching particular goals and get away from the old idea of chaining staff members to set hours. This kind of flexible work ecosystem often translates to higher productivity and creativity.

Another way is to offer customizable perks and discounts on everything from entertainment to travel to wellness. Offering these customizable ‘lifestyle’ perks sends a powerful message to employees that their personal lives matter.

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