There are few things better in life than being offered a promotion.

In addition to being offered more pay and more authority, a promotion is also a type of validation. It’s a tangible way for your employers to let you know you’ve been doing a great job and you are trusted.

However, not every promotion is a step toward long-term career success. In fact, accepting a promotion could take you further away from your desired career goal. Or, it could seriously upset an existing and comfortable work-life balance, which could have negative effects for your career.

Below are a few things to consider when trying to decide if a promotion is right for you and your career.

Is it a promotion you are ready to handle?

While management might think you’re ready for more responsibility, only you know if you are truly ready to move up to the next level.

Taking on a bigger role before you’ve had the proper training or enough experience could result in errors that ultimately set your career back, not move it forward. The offer of a promotion will most likely boost your self-confidence, so it is absolutely crucial to perform an honest self-assessment of your abilities before accepting the promotion. If you’re moving from a technical job to a leadership role, it’s absolutely crucial you consider your ability to lead others.

If necessary, ask your co-workers to rate your recent performance and give you honest feedback you can use to make your decision.

What would the next step be after the promotion?

The promotion you’ve been handed may be a major step up in the company, but it can also leave you stuck there for decades. For instance, if the next position up is a senior-level executive role, figure out how long you must wait for that opportunity to open up. You also need to consider your chances for getting that job, should it open up.

Is the promotion a step away from your true passion?

If agreeing to a promotion means you would be doing less of the kind of work you enjoy doing, consider if you can find fulfillment in the promoted position, if it can lead to more fulfilling work or if better benefits and pay will be able to offset the fact you are doing less enjoyable work.

Will your work-life balance be upset?

In certain industries, a promotion means taking on more work and more responsibility, and with all that comes added stress. If you think there will be a substantial inequality, and you would not be pleased with this kind of arrangement, you might want to stay with your current work-life situation.

At Action Group Staffing, we help job seekers make the moves that are right for their career and their personal life. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your career, please contact us today.

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