One of the biggest shifts in the labor market since the Great Recession has been employers’ increased use of staffing agencies to source talent.

Staffing agencies are a source of candidates for companies looking to hire, and agencies represent potential job offers for people seeking a new job.

Based on criteria set by the client, a staffing agency selects candidates that are registered with them or through various channels such as job sites and social media. The profiles of selected candidates are screened using various processes.

Those that are most suited to the position are brought in for an interview with the staffing agency to discuss their skills and career goals. Information on the best prospects is then passed to the client to determine which candidates should be brought in for an interview. The client then interviews candidates and hires the best choice for the open position, on either a temporary or permanent basis.

While using a staffing agency means adding another layer to the hiring process, this route does offer numerous advantages.

A deep knowledge of the job market

The best staffing agencies will have their finger on the pulse of the local and national labor market and can give a client’s hiring team insight into the latest developments. They know the talent that is available, where to find these folks and how to get in touch with them. Staffing agency personnel also know average salaries, typical career goals, available skill sets and current hiring issues.

The best staffing agency acts as a hiring partner, as well as the eyes and ears in the labor market.

A deeper, wider reach

Some applicants are difficult to locate. They may be already employed or very selective in their career moves.

Even if they aren’t currently responding to job postings, there’s a good chance that a staffing company knows how to reach them. Agencies have vast networks that include many consultants, working professionals and clients, all of whom have their own networks. Agency personnel know how to leverage these networks to connect clients to people with various abilities and levels of experience, many of whom would otherwise be inaccessible to an in-house hiring team.

Better access to unique skills

Companies often say they use a staffing agency to gain quick access to unique, valuable abilities, a reason that is becoming more popular than covering leave and addressing demand surge. With talent shortages now possibly hampering growth, this emerging need makes perfect sense.

In order to access the unique skills your company needs, it must connect with a staffing agency with the right specialization. Staffing agencies tend to specialize in a portfolio of positions or industries, and it pays to determine which staffing agency can best fit your needs at any given moment.

At Action Group Staffing, we connect our clients to people with the skill sets and experiences needed to succeed in various roles. If your company is currently looking for a custom talent solution, please contact us today to find out how we can be of assistance.

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