While most people looking for work would prefer to find a full-time position, working with a staffing agency gives you the opportunity to continue working while looking for a permanent position.

Temporary jobs also come with a number of other advantages over full-time work, including the opportunity learn new skills or the possibility of making a temporary job become a full-time position. Consider the following reasons why you should start working with a staffing firm during your next job search.

Double your effort

Although you may not view a particular temp position as your life’s calling, it can be an important source of income while you hunt for your ideal job. In addition to helping pay the bills, temporary jobs in your industry are a solid approach to making a name for yourself.

Full-time potential

Not all businesses work with staffing agencies to fill temporary jobs. Some businesses hire staffing agencies to fill permanent jobs, and others hire staff members on a temporary basis as an approach to vetting them before hiring them full time.

That being said, don’t expect a temporary job to automatically become a full-time job. If you want to work permanently at a business where you’ve been temping, make that clear with management early on. Once you have, it’s crucial to showcase your abilities and passion. You can’t give your future full-time company half-time effort. Show them every day why you’d be a valuable full-time employee.

Gain new skills

Temporary jobs can be a chance to rapidly acquire resume-boosting abilities. The abilities you learn after just a few months can make the difference in getting you to that next, permanent job. For instance, you might learn how to use an industry-standard software program or convert classroom knowledge into useful skills.

If you have a sense of the skills you’d like to gain through temporary work, work with a staffing company that offers the kind of work that will allow you to gain these skills.

Get to work sooner

When businesses hire a staffing company, they’re generally trying to have the position filled as soon as possible. Because the staffing company is also contracted to fill a client’s position, the staffing agency is motivated to fill the position promptly. It could take weeks or more to get a response about an interview for a full-time job after sending in a resume. Staffing agencies want to move much faster than that to get jobs filled.


Working a temporary position can allow you to make contacts in a business or an industry. Even if you’re somewhere for a short time, you can get to know full-time staff members and network. Your co-workers and managers at the company may know about open jobs in other businesses. You never know where a network connection can lead you.

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