It’s essential to acknowledge a job well done by any or all of your staff members. Recognition makes staff members feel valued: You’re showing them the work they do matters.

A bit of employee appreciation goes a considerable way toward boosting both team and individual morale. To show your employees you appreciate them, call out small accomplishments, create an employee of the month program, hold a recognition potluck meal and send out a company-wide email.

Recognizing small accomplishments

Of course, employees should be recognized for landing a big client or crushing production goals. However, they should also be recognized for everyday contributions.

Recognizing small accomplishments helps more employees feel appreciated, not just your company superstars. It also feeds into a supportive culture. If you are giving your employees a regular pat on the back, they are more likely to do it for each other – ideally producing a supportive culture that employees like to work in every day.

Create an Employee of the Month program

An Employee of the month program is an effective option for supervisors looking to identify top performances and hard work.

Prior to setting up the program, it’s critical to talk about the goals of the program with management and staff members. An Employee of the month might be an effective way to recognize good teamwork or encourage healthy competition among employees. Establishing goals for the program will help in determining guidelines for the program.

Once the objectives have been clearly identified, you should lay down the guidelines and specific details of the program. Establishing clear guidelines will make certain everybody understands what they need to do in order to become Employee of the Month.

Finally, you should decide how a winner will be selected and what the reward should be. A good approach to these steps is to consult with employees and ask what they would like to see.

Hold a recognition potluck

Food has a way of bringing people together, and a company-sponsored potluck is a great way to both recognize employees and form stronger bonds among your employees. Since the point of the potluck is to recognize employees, the company ought to foot a significant part of the bill, or else employees won’t see it as recognition of good work. For instance, the company could supply meat and drinks for a barbecue and ask employees to bring sides.

Send out a company-wide recognition email

Employee recognition doesn’t have to cost a lot. Even a small, free gesture like sending out a recognition email can go a long way. Since it is a small gesture, however, just make sure a recognition email is appropriate to the effort being recognized. A company-wide email could, for instance, let everyone know an employee stayed an extra 90 minutes the day before to finish up a project.

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