Hiring is a challenging, costly and time-consuming function, especially for small and mid-sized companies hoping to avoid the repercussions of hiring the wrong person.

Hiring the best applicant often depends upon the quality of interview questions that are asked. The right questions can determine how passionate a candidate is about their career, what their work habits are and how they might grow with your business.

Effective employee management starts with good recruitment. If you hire the right people, you will see solid productivity, strong employee engagement and a low level of turnover.

When looking to spot your company’s next top performer, consider the following interview questions.

How do you sustain your passion?

Asking this will allow you to identify people who are capable of truly harnessing their passion for the long term. Some tasks will require more time than others, and you want employees that can sustain their creativity and productivity, maintaining high standards until their work is completed.

Top performers should be able to offer good examples of ways they keep themselves passionate and engaged, while others will have difficulty coming up with a good answer.

What do you do when you are struggling with your work?

While you definitely want independent staff members who can come up with their own solutions, you don’t want staff members who are too proud to ask for help. Not asking for help can lead to mistakes and a substantial waste of time. Top performers know there is no shame in asking for advice and direction.

What areas would you like to improve in over the next few years?

This question lets applicants talk about what abilities are so important to them, they are passionate about improving them. Top performers know that self-improvement is a lifelong quest. They are always trying to find ways to get better at what they are passionate about doing.

The absolute best applicants will actually have a detailed plan for self-improvement.

How do you stay focused at work?

Top performers will have ways of coping with distractions large and small. Whether it’s putting on headphones, using to-do lists to keep thoughts organized or taking regular breaks, a top performer will have a system in place to remain productive throughout the day, regardless of what may be happening around them.

What do you do to maintain a healthy work-life balance?

A work-life balance is the idea that people need healthy amounts of work and play in order for the two sides of their lives to properly co-exist.

As an employer, you should want to hire someone who is comfortable enough in their own abilities to prioritize stepping away from work when needed. If an applicant answers this question by talking about hobbies, socializing with family members or doing work in the community, they are likely maintaining a good work-life balance.

At Action Group Staffing, we take the complexity out of the hiring process so our clients can put more energy into their core, revenue-generating activities. If your organization is currently in need of recruitment assistance, please contact us today.

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