Hiring temporary employees to fill voids in your staff is a common practice that, especially with the worker shortage of late, is only going to become more popular. However, the way we hire temporary employees and what they’re hired for is something that has evolved over the years.

Recent developments have led to employers making several mistakes in the hiring process for temporary employees that can cause undue stress and inefficiencies.

In these new uncertain times, you must avoid critical mistakes if you do not want to welcome unqualified workers and drive off the good ones.

Mistake 1: Excessive Expectations

One of the most frustrating things temporary workers experience is being overworked by their employers. Many employers think that because the temp isn’t going to stick around, they can be pushed harder than other workers. The reasoning being by the time the temp burns out, their contract will have come to an end. 

But this can cause serious issues. Not only could the quality of their work suffer, but your employer brand could suffer irreparable harm.

Therefore, when placing an ad for a temporary hire, ensure that their expected duties are clearly defined, and once they’re hired, don’t surprise them with additional work.

Conversely, if you need their aid in going the extra mile with specific tasks, be sure to ask them ahead of time and only do so if you consider transitioning this temporary employee into a full-time role.

Another undue expectation often placed on temporary workers is experience. All too often, a job listing will require multiple years of experience for entry-level positions. Expecting more experience than is necessary will reduce your talent pool and turn away otherwise excellent workers. Instead, you can train your workers in their roles or offer access to a training pipeline.

Mistake 2: Alienation

The line between a temporary worker and a full-time employee is clear-cut yet challenging to manage. Often, temporary employees are regarded as simply that, temporary, and are often left out of the loop. For example, many companies have staff meetings with their full-time staff but leave their temporary employees out of it because they know those employees will likely not be there in the future.

As a result, this can make temporary hires feel excluded in the office and demoralize them. Many temps who are excluded quickly lose motivation, and their performance begins to deteriorate as a result.

This situation can negatively impact your office’s effectiveness. Many temps are taking to review sites like Glassdoor to leave reviews of their employers. Negative reviews could dissuade other temporary employees from joining your company.

Mistake 3: Clinging to the Old

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we operate and has turned employment into a candidate-driven market. The fact is the priorities of the average professional have shifted.

88% of professionals prioritize the flexibility of hours and workplace location. The pandemic has made working from home or flexible work schedules a priority for many workers who need the freedom to tend to their affairs. 76% prioritize a position that allows for a work/life balance to enjoy the life they work to have.

Overall, employees prioritize a workplace with a culture of respect that will not hound them to pursue their needs outside of the office and will not shame them when aid is needed for a task.

These priorities are not specific to full-time employees, as even temporary employees want to enjoy these benefits for however long they remain in service to a company. This is especially true for those who hope to transition from temporary to full-time employment.

Need Help With Staffing?

Temporary employees are a common sight in almost every company. However, regardless of whether an employee will be permanent or not, they are all entitled to respect and consideration.

Avoiding these three mistakes will help you find staff, temporary or otherwise, who will dedicate themselves to their work. If finding these staff members is something you need help with, we at Action Group specialize in bringing you the best temporary and full-time staff that will give their all. Contact Action Group Staffing today!

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