Workplace safety, especially for light industrial workplaces, is taking on a whole new meaning. With new and evolving challenges, maintaining a safe workplace not only means staying on top of the newest regulations and standards but getting employee buy-in.

For light industrial employers interested in doing some meaningful corporate housekeeping for the new year, consider workplace safety. Here are some of the top concerns and solutions for creating the safest industrial workplace this year.

Workplace Safety: Many Hands Make Light Work

Workplace safety is a solid foundation from which all light industrial companies can build the long-term success of their business. But in order to build a truly successful strategy, light industrial employers are beginning to realize the need to change the culture around safety.

Safety needs to be prioritized by the employees.

Employers are beginning to understand that the more personal they can make their safety messages, the more effective they will be. This means putting yourself in their shoes, maybe even working alongside your employees to create a robust plan for safety.

The more employees understand what is at stake, the more likely they’ll be to contribute in meaningful ways.

The phrase, “Many hands make light work,” aptly describes a successful workplace safety strategy. If the only people leading your safety initiatives are the people at the top, it will likely not be adopted as successfully as a policy created and maintained by your team of employees.

Safety, Employee Satisfaction, and “The Great Resignation”

During “The Great Resignation,” employees left their jobs in great numbers, sighting unsafe workplace conditions. Employers should make a note of this.

When you improve workplace conditions (with a focus on worker safety) employees and job seekers will respond. Today’s most talented workers are looking to join an employer that has a robust safety policy. In fact, many of them may not even consider companies that have an ambiguous track record when it comes to safety.

To create a truly safe workplace and improve employee satisfaction, employers should ensure their priorities reflect a commitment to safety. Not only can this help to reduce turnover, but employers who highlight their safety policies can actually attract more workers, even in a market where qualified candidates are far and few in between.

Create A Standardized Checklist Of Policies And Procedures

Sometimes, the most proactive step a business can take to make safety a priority is the most simple solution: a checklist.

Because light industrial businesses are so different from one another, many are coming up with checklists that are specific to their own policies and procedures. But if you don’t know where to start, what you should be looking for, or if you’re just looking for some good ideas to inform your own list, check out this safety checklist template from OSHA.

Here, you can create a list that includes your most pressing priorities, including:

  1. What policies, processes, and procedures already exist in your current workplace?
  2. Are the policies, processes, and procedures complete?
  3. Are they relevant to current technologies and trends?
  4. Are they maintained? And who is responsible for keeping them up to date?
  5. How are employees empowered to bring up gaps or concerns?

With a basis for a solid checklist, you can begin to create your own safety plan by utilizing your most important resources: employee communication and peer education.

Keep Your Work Comp Down

The meaning of “work comp” has changed over the past several years. What used to be a means to protect employees from long-term injuries has now become a tool that may be employed by employers as a tactic for controlling costs and avoiding liability.

But with workplace safety concerns at an all-time high, a well-written policy can be a great way to turn “work comp” into an asset for your business. Even better, it can give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. You’ll have more than just a cost-control measure to save on dealing with workers’ compensation claims, you’ll have a more committed workforce, a productive workplace, and a competitive organization.

“Work comp” is an inexpensive way to protect your workers while they’re on the job in order to save an accident from affecting the productivity and morale of the entire organization.

Action Group Staffing Prioritizes Worker Safety

Action Group is one of the leading staffing agencies in Oklahoma (and was named one of the Best Temporary Staffing Companies in the US by Forbes). We have one of the best safety records and lowest comp issues because we work directly with work comp sources and with our clients to drive a culture of safety and safety training for all our clients and employees.

If you’re looking for a staffing agency with an emphasis on safety, and that can offer something different, contact Action Group. We recognize the immediate need for safety in light industrial workplaces. But also, nobody sees the value in a long-term, and sustainable strategy for workplace safety like we do. 

If you need the best staffing services in light industrial, focusing on safety, contact Action Group Staffing today!

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