2020, following the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, marked the beginning of a new staffing and recruiting industry. The subsequent lockdowns and changes in employment led to new office standards being developed to maintain efficiency during the most trying time in recent memory. 

As we close the book on 2021, with the COVID-19 vaccine being distributed to the greater population, you are probably looking to either find a new job or hire new employees to replace those you were forced to part with. The fact is the professional world has changed immensely, and what was once considered the norm is no longer cutting it for many. 

So the question is, what have we truly learned from the trends in 2021?

Flexibility is Key

Following the rise of remote work to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, employers were forced to provide more freedom and flexibility to their workers, and it stuck. 

Remote work enabled us to effectively complete our work while also having the ability to tend to our responsibilities at home. This is not a benefit many are willing to leave behind.

The odds are that most professionals will want to operate remotely, meaning employers will also need to be able to adapt positions that can be performed remotely to a remote style. Of the 65% of professionals seeking new employment, 34% of that demographic say they want a more flexible environment.

However, flexibility and remote compatible positions are not the sole issues.

Allow For Work/Life Balance

All too often, employees were expected to place their careers ahead of everything else. This mindset has not aged well. In particular, it has antiquated rapidly these past couple years, across the majority of the population.

Employees need to be able to tend to their personal issues and responsibilities outside the workplace. Conversely, taking a position that you know will inhibit your ability to do so without any chance of change is also inadvisable.

A healthy work/life balance is crucial to avoid employee burnout. It will allow an employer to keep their employees and help employees stick with one position rather than bouncing between positions.

Benefits Are Important

One of your biggest concerns might be getting the benefits you deserve, such as paid time off, sick leave, etc. If an employer won’t offer the benefits you’re looking for, then you are likely looking at a position that does not value you beyond your work. Of the aforementioned 65% of jobseekers, 23% are seeking a new job due to a lack of benefits in their current role. 

The days of treating employees as unimportant and easily replaceable are over. Providing the benefits they need is essential to retaining them. As an employer, failing to provide employees with appropriate benefits will cost you qualified professionals.

As an employee, accepting a position that does not offer benefits congruent with your work will only leave you stressed and frustrated.

Looking Foward To Recruiting In 2022

2021 was a highly educational period that exemplified how the workplace is evolving, and the standards for labor evolve with it.

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed just how valuable employees truly are to a company’s success. Keeping employees happy and accommodating them is a more critical aspect of professional conduct than ever before. Employers need to offer flexibility in the workplace and provide benefits to their employees. Meanwhile, employees must put their best foot forward and seek employment that will mesh well with their needs. 

In either case, finding a new position or employee can be made much simpler than it once was. We at Action Group help employers and professionals alike come together in the best possible ways. So, please do not sleep on the opportunity; take Action, and contact us today to find your dream employer or employee.

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