Despite a strong jobs report, there continues to be a disconnect in the US employment market. That disconnect is especially problematic in Dallas, Texas, where employers are finding it harder than ever to hire job seekers. At the same time, job seekers are finding it equally difficult to find the right job. 

Since its recent opening, Action Group’s DFW office has been steadily solving this problem thanks to the unique strategy and intuition of our DFW recruiting team. We heard from the Dallas branch of Action Group Staffing, and they have some key strategies and insights to solving the problems that are frustrating the local employment market.  

Types of Jobs in Top Demand in Dallas 

The job market in Dallas is as diverse as its population. But several sectors are experiencing an acute need for specific workers. It helps to understand recent changes in the region contributing to these spikes in demand.  

Dallas has experienced rapid population growth, built a booming tech industry, and is home to the third-largest financial district in the nation. As a result, many believe Dallas is situated to, if not dominate the heartland in attracting big business, then at the very least, take a leading role. 

We’re seeing evidence of this already as the DFW area has attracted several large corporations to move their headquarters to the area. These are well-known companies such as Toyota Motor of North America, Charles Schwab, Fluor, Tenet Healthcare, Jacobs Engineering, McKesson, and CBRE. 

These substantial changes to the area are creating an increase in the need for the following positions: 


Careers for drivers are some of the most flexible jobs in the area. The demand isn’t just driven by a lack of people needed by businesses such as local auto auctions to move cars from A to B. There’s also a boom in delivery and courier services that are looking to hire. 

Dallas workers love driving not just for their many scheduling options but because it requires little professional education and can often serve as guaranteed pick-up work when needed.  


Those who live in the DFW area are probably aware that Dallas and the surrounding area is growing at an incredible rate. They’re not mistaken. DFW is leading the nation in population growth. That means construction, and lots of it.  

There simply isn’t enough infrastructure to accommodate the rapid growth in the area, so construction companies are in a scramble to find journeymen, apprentices, carpenters, and welders who can help them secure the contracts they need to help Dallas in becoming the de facto capital of the heartland.  

Warehousing Services + Product Packaging 

Dallas logistics companies are experiencing more than just a supply chain issue of products, but skilled workers as well. They need dependable drivers who can help their logistics company be the solution to bottlenecks in the supply chain. 

Unique Employment Problems in Dallas Require a Unique Solution  

Two main characteristics of the talent pool here in Dallas are eagerness and willingness to work. And while Dallas workers are some of the most ready and able in the nation, one of the key difficulties we’re hearing from local employers is finding qualified talent. Specifically, Dallas has a shortage of highly skilled workers. Nobody understands that better than our recruiters. 

To address the skills gap, we’ve built several facilities that enable us to recruit and invest in exceptional employees. Our exclusive tests and skills assessments can more accurately assess a candidate’s skills. And thanks to our unique ability to spot truly extraordinary workers, we can provide: 

  • Access to our extensive library of training materials 
  • Comprehensive pre-assignment orientations 
  • Safety, orientation, and skills-training programs customized to our client’s specific needs 

It’s All About Flexibility 

Employers need to understand that workers need flexibility, not just in the Dallas job market but nationwide. People are busier than ever. They’ve got doctor’s appointments, school for the kids, shopping. You name it. 

Today’s workers are struggling to keep up with the external demands of running a household and raising a family. 

We can’t stress this enough. If your business can provide flexible schedules or locations such as remote work options, any steps you take to help workers create a better work/life balance will be highly advantageous.   

Action Group’s DFW Location Can Help! 

Since the opening of the Dallas branch of Action Group Staffing, we’ve been helping businesses in the DFW area recruit the talent they need and help this city become the center of America’s heartland. How can we help your business? Contact our Dallas staffing agency today, and let’s get to work! 

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