Do you know everything there is to know about working in a call center? Not so fast.

Call centers sometimes get a bad reputation. But they are one of the most popular jobs in the nation, especially for entry-level workers looking to build their skills and work experience. But there is an art to customer service and many ways to approach the workload and environment that can make call centers both fun and highly rewarding.

Action Group Staffing is a leading staffing company working to place people just like you in call centers across the nation. Here are three things we’ve discovered about one of the most popular roles for workers.

1) Many Call Center Jobs Aren’t Actually in a Call Center

When people think of a “call center,” they often conjure a less than glamorous image. Think cold, neon-lit corporate landscapes of cubicles and bad coffee with overworked staff struggling to fill huge quotas. While that may be good for the movies, that’s simply not the case anymore.

Many companies got the hint and redesigned call centers with better chairs, more natural light and, perhaps most importantly, technology that allows people to work remotely, in the comfort of their own homes.

Although the name suggests otherwise, many call center roles have been relocated – or “telecommuted” – from traditional office jobs. Companies have been dabbling with remote work options for a while now, and it wasn’t a moment too soon they developed the technology to go fully remote since COVID temporarily shut down communal workspaces.

Not all call center workers are telecommuting directly from where they live, but a vast majority of them are. Nowadays, your work environment is what you’re able to make it. Whether that’s working from home, or another non-traditional space, call center workers have had great things to say about remote work options as they can:

  • Eliminate commutes
  • Reduce car repair/maintenance
  • Save time
  • Allow that workers enjoy a more comfortable wardrobe

2) Plenty of Flexible Scheduling Options

You know those job reports you keep hearing about—the ones that analyze unemployment rates? They’re always hard to gauge because nobody can accurately tell how many workers have given up the job search. Why are workers giving up?

There are many reasons people may have given up looking for work. You might be one of those people. And if you are, there’s a good chance you’d call out a lack of flexible options as the main reason you’ve suspended your job search.

We know how hard it can be to juggle work and full-time life. Because flexible work options have been one of the top priorities for today’s workers, businesses with call centers have taken note. They’ve stepped up as one of the few industries that can easily offer flex and part-time options. And the response from their workers has been huge.

With flexible options, you are in much more control of when you work. Today’s workers have never had so many options to schedule work around their life, instead of the other way around. Employees who are more able to attend to the day-to-day twists and turns of life are more likely to experience better mental health and are more likely to keep up with tasks as well.

3) Hands-on Training and No Shortage of Growth Opportunities.

“Working in a call center” is a very narrow way to define this line of work. It paints a picture of doing nothing but answering calls all day long. While that is certainly a big part of the job, it’s not all there is. Not by a long shot.

You might be surprised how much else there is besides just answering phones. Many centers receive calls of a highly technical nature (think warranty departments, or technical assistance hotlines). Their representatives will need to helpfully answer all levels of questions and issues. That necessitates a high level of knowledge and training to address an issue to a high degree of customer satisfaction.

That is not insignificant knowledge or training. It’s resume gold you can use to build your career and demonstrate how you’re doing more than just answering phones. You’re taking valuable skills and making yourself indispensable to your employer.

At call centers, there’s a great deal of training that goes on behind the scenes. The training is not only to help new employees learn about the job, but also to help existing workers grow and develop their careers.

You can get a great education from working in a call center. Learn about the industry through conferences and talks, various training classes via your employer, or even attend college classes when you have time. And don’t be afraid to ask for growth opportunities. If you’re not sure where else you can shine, Action Group Staffing can help you find a position that works best for you!

Learn More About Working in Call Centers with Action Group Staffing

Depending on what you are looking for, working in a call center can offer a lot more than just a job.

If you’re interested in working a rewarding role in a call center, Action Group Staffing can help. We find top local talent who can step in and make a difference at some of the best employers looking to hire. Apply today!

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