This year, National Manufacturing Month lands right as American factories emerge as a sector going in the opposite direction of a weakening economy.

Manufacturing is booming. And there is an explosion of manufacturing jobs available in American factories. Employers are looking to build their businesses and expand production capacity to meet unprecedented demand.

But more than boosting output and growing profits, employers are hiring more strategically to create increased agility, flexibility and resilience in an industry that’s had its fair share of troubles.

Lessons from the Past Inform Hiring of the Future

Before the pandemic, U.S. manufacturing was in decline and under strain. Then, during COVID, consumers surprised many in the industry with an unpredicted rush in demand for manufactured goods. Of course, increased demand is usually a good thing, but not this time.

The spike in orders occurred right as manufacturing was struggling with problems that ranged from:

  • Political instability
  • Economic turmoil
  • Massive disruptions in the global supply chain for raw materials
  • Labor limitations
  • Shortages of components

This combination of increased demand and a seemingly endless list of problems on the supply side was enough to make many employers take a step back and think more dynamically about a new solution to these unpredictable and persistent problems. The wave of strategic hiring that followed indicated they’d found their solution.

Planning for (and Hiring to Solve) the Predictable Problems

Many employers are coming around to the idea that—with possible natural disasters, geopolitical uncertainties and increasing cyberattacks—things will only get worse for manufacturing.

So, many of the employers we hear from are looking to transform their business proactively by addressing the many hazards they can plan for. These are obstacles such as manufacturing disruptions that could last a month or longer to occur on an average of every 3.7 years.

Manufacturers who’ve been grappling with the impact of these issues now realize their most important responsibilities are to build agility, flexibility and resilience into their value chains—permanently. Supply chain resilience can no longer be “just in time” or “just in case.” Instead, it needs to be an “any case” business imperative.

Action Group Staffing Is Helping Manufacturers Build Proactive Solutions

Action Group Staffing has partnered with manufacturers in Oklahoma and beyond to develop a bold business continuity plan founded on a robust recruiting and staffing strategy.

Our partnership with manufacturers, including supply chain and warehousing, has contributed to one of the fastest-growing sectors in the nation. That has been a relief to employers who have been able to seize the moment and create tremendous growth as demand for manufactured goods continues to climb.

To put the experience of Oklahoma’s manufacturers into perspective: The industry is now twice as large as it was in 2012. For workers, that means opportunity and an abundance of great manufacturing jobs. For business owners, our partnership is the key to capturing the market’s capacity today and solving their most tenacious issues of tomorrow.

Manufacturing Success with Action Group Staffing

To all our manufacturing partners and the incredible talent we work with, happy National Manufacturing Month!

Are you looking for a great manufacturing job that supply-side trends indicate will be highly beneficial for years to come? Or are you a hiring manager looking to recruit your way to business resilience?

Action Group Staffing wants to help you make the most of this opportunity. We can help you capture the momentum of this rapidly growing industry for years to come! Contact us today.