The holidays are just around the corner! For many, this is the happiest time of year. But for some employers, this season can have a real chilling effect, and it isn’t just the weather.

At the end of the year, seasonal hiring is at an all-time high. And this year, in particular, the elements are coming together to create a critical need to meet historical demand from consumers. As a result, many businesses are aiming to capture sales that can potentially put their business in the black. This year is especially paramount as companies face historically high inflation and labor shortages that create bottlenecks in their warehousing and distribution operations.

There’s no doubt that seasonal hiring in 2022 is going wild. But there’s a bigger story here that will make the season a little brighter for employers and job seekers alike.

Why Seasonal Hiring of “Hand Labor” Is so Critical Right Now

This time of year, there is a surge in distribution. Whether raw materials for manufacturing or finished goods for sale to consumers, there is a mass of “stuff” to move. The success of many companies often depends on their ability to get their hands on that product and get it to where it needs to go.

We recently discussed this with several large local manufacturers who indicated their holiday clothing season is off the hook as they’re looking for “hand labor” who can move all that product.

Similarly, employers across the nation depend on an army of temporary workers to help them finish the year strong. And when times are slow, rapidly adjusting their staffing levels will be essential in cutting costs and holding on to the gains they made during the holiday season.

Beyond Seasonal Hiring: Could the Future of Work Be Temp?

The trending uptick in demand for temp work indicates the surge of seasonal hiring may not just be a holiday phenomenon. Instead, it looks more and more like it may be the hiring model for many businesses year-round.

Employers’ increasing preference for temp workers has us thinking differently about how and who we hire.

More employers are considering a staffing model that hinges on temp labor because it helps them be more agile and resilient, thanks to the ability to control staffing levels according to demand. But there’s more to the story behind the market for temp hiring.

What Businesses and Job Seekers Love About Temp Hiring

For years businesses have struggled with constant turnover. In many cases, high turnover has damaged the employer’s brand. Enterprising companies have tried several creative solutions to overcome their turnover problems in vain.

Many businesses stumped by workforce attrition have found an answer in employing more temp workers. Contract work is a proactive measure to change the narrative on high turnover. It can improve the perception of a business’ workplace when employers build turnover into their staffing model.

Many job seekers love seasonal roles to help with their holiday budgets or because they have more options to fit work around a hectic schedule. But job seekers love temp work for more than just the pay and flexibility it provides.

For many, contract employment allows workers to “sample” an employer without fully committing to long-term employment. While “job-hopping” used to be a red flag on a resume, now it is seen differently. A variety of temp roles can create a more attractive employee profile, one that is more well-rounded with an impressive list of skills the candidate learned on the job from various positions and different industries.

Action Group Staffing Can Help with Your Seasonal Hiring Needs

We have great news for businesses gearing up for a seasonal hiring push. If you need warehouse or distribution labor to help your business capitalize on the holidays, we are here to help. Action Group Staffing has a broad and diverse network of hand labor at the ready.

What are your seasonal hiring needs? Let’s talk. Contact Action Group Staffing today.