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Look out, world: Bilingualism isn’t just a heavy advantage for staffing firms.  

In January 2023, we made the case for why clients and candidates should partner with a staffing agency that’s bilingual in Spanish—but the clear benefits don’t stop with staffing firms, and they certainly don’t stop with fluent Spanish-speakers, either. 

Statistics show that bilingual or multilingual employees can earn five to twenty percent more per hour than those who are not. Yet not all bilingual professionals know this and often miss the opportunity to vouch for themselves when applying and interviewing for new career roles. 

In this blog post, we’ll share the perks of bilingualism for job candidates and reinforce the value that bilingual and multilingual professionals bring to the global marketplace—no matter your industry.  

Don’t Get Lost in Translation: How Bilingualism Can Boost Your Career Prospects

The global marketplace is more interconnected than ever, and the ability to speak multiple languages has become an essential skill for job seekers. Even in 2017, demand for bilingual workers more than doubled in five years. In the post-pandemic era, with more and more folks working remotely, taking interim positions and moving into self-employment, bilingualism has only become more in demand. In fact, bilingual remote jobs have spiked 30 percent since the start of COVID-19. 

Companies are expanding into new markets, and they need employees who can effectively communicate with colleagues and clients from different backgrounds. But this is just skimming the surface of the benefits posed for bilingual or multilingual candidates. 

The Undeniable Benefits of Being Bilingual as a Job Seeker 

Ability to Communicate Effectively 

One of the most significant advantages of being bilingual is the ability to communicate effectively with a wider range of people. Bilingual job seekers have an advantage in building relationships with clients, negotiating with foreign partners and navigating international business meetings. 

Bilingual salespeople can also play a key role in increasing sales and revenue. Studies have shown that 75 percent of consumers are more likely to buy from salespeople who can speak their language fluently. And it makes sense, really. When language barriers are lowered, the client–customer relationship can be built on a stronger foundation of trust and understanding—leading to higher sales and increased revenue for companies. 

Understanding Cultural Nuances 

In addition to being able to speak multiple languages, bilingual job seekers often have a deeper understanding of different cultures. They can recognize cultural differences and avoid cultural faux pas, which is crucial in international business settings. Nobody wants to accidentally offend a potential client! 

Increased Opportunities for Career Advancement  

Being bilingual can open up a whole new world of opportunities for career advancement. Currently, around 630,000 job postings are aimed at bilingual talent—not just for Spanish speakers, but for Chinese and Arabic speakers, as well. 

With specific demand for professionals fluent in multiple languages, there’s a strong potential for upward mobility at these companies. Outside of the potential to earn higher salaries and better benefits, bilingual job seekers have access to international markets and may be considered for global leadership positions. 

Three Ways to Leverage Your Bilingualism in Interviews 

Being bilingual or multilingual is a great asset, but what’s the best way to promote this skillset in your job search? From writing cover letters to building your resume and taking interviews, bilingual job seekers will certainly want to feel confident communicating how this attribute will benefit potential employers. 

Here’s how you can do just that.

Bilingual employees tend to be more efficient and productive at work.

Turns out people who are bilingual or multilingual have a cognitive upper hand compared to monolinguals. Recent research indicates that bilingual speakers can outperform folks who are fluent in only one language in certain mental abilities, such as editing out irrelevant information and focusing on important information.  

With their ability to connect and communicate with folks from different cultures, backgrounds and lived experiences, bilingual individuals are also more likely to approach their work from a broader perspective, and from an empathetic lens—which can lead to increased innovation and problem-solving in the workplace. Talk about a bragging point!

Speaking two or more languages can inspire refreshing perspectives and creativity.

Not only do bilingual and multilingual job seekers bring more productivity, innovation and problem-solving in their roles, but they also contribute uniquely creative ideas. Fluency in two or more languages involves learning about different cultures and ways of thinking, inspiring creativity and an out-of-the-box approach to solving problems. 

With every industry being up against tons of noise from their competitors, the unique perspective bilingual individuals bring to the table can be a catalyst to brilliant positioning in the marketplace and standout marketing campaigns to boost visibility amongst a company’s target audience. Not to mention, the possibilities of marketing to populations who speak different languages broadens your audience that much more.

Bilingual employees can open the door for international business.

In today’s global economy, companies are increasingly looking for employees who can help them expand into international markets. Being bilingual allows you to communicate with clients and colleagues from different countries and cultures. And in some instances, you may very well be the only person with this skillset—making you an asset to any organization.  

Outside of being able to speak the language, having a deep understanding of cultural nuances makes bilingual talent better equipped to build a solid foundation of trust and strong communication with international business relationships. Long story short: Bilingual organizations are considered today’s leaders of global expansion—making bilingualism an incredibly strong advantage to hold in today’s highly competitive job market. 

Calling All Bilingual Talent: Partner with Action Group Staffing to Gain Even More Competitive Advantage 

There’s no denying it: In today’s global marketplace, being bilingual is becoming increasingly important for job seekers and companies alike. And there’s no better way for bilingual talent like yourself to leverage your in-demand skillset than by partnering with a bilingual staffing agency who is committed to amplifying your visibility in the job market. 

This is our commitment to you at Action Group Staffing. 

We at Action Group Staffing are dedicated to helping bilingual talent and companies alike find their perfect match. If you’re a bilingual or multilingual professional searching for your next big move, contact us today to learn more about how they can help you find the perfect opportunity to expand your career. 

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