Every industry has its ups and downs throughout the year. For light industrial companies, that can mean making some hard choices. Do you bulk up your staff to be ready for those spike times? Or keep a steady level throughout the year and pile on the overtime during busy months? Both are costly solutions, and can lead to disgruntled employees once the spike is over.

Fortunately, there’s a better option. By partnering with an experienced, light industrial staffing firm, you can easily manage workload spikes, while maintaining a minimal level of full-time employees throughout the year.

Familiarity with the Industry

When you’re looking for a staffing firm, don’t just settle for the closest company. Look for one that is dedicated to light industry and has a proven track record of working closely with firms just like yours. They already understand your business and the type of workers you need. They know the ins and outs of a factory, and they’ve faced every challenge you can throw at them before.

Understanding of Seasonal Ups and Downs

Your local light industrial staffing firm has also seen the ups and downs that come throughout the year. And this knowledge helps them prepare for those times by proactively building up their temporary workforce in anticipation of your increased needs.

An At-Hand Pool of Talent

Most important of all, partnering with a staffing firm means you’ll have access to a vetted pool of applicants. At Action Group Staffing, we only hire for specific roles that we know our clients are looking for, and we provide testing and training to incoming applicants to ensure they’re qualified for the role and ready to start work as soon as you need them.

We maintain an extensive database of qualified, available candidates in our local regions, so we can quickly match the right candidates with your needs. So even when you experience an unexpected spike, we can ensure you have the manpower to cover it. No lengthy application process. No expensive onboarding. Just the staff you need, when you need it.

If you’re looking to partner with a light industrial staffing firm in Oklahoma or New Jersey, contact an Action Group Staffing specialist today.

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