Chances are, most of your company’s vacation time is taken during the summer. No matter how much you encourage your employees to space their time out, the thought of taking two weeks off in the middle of February just doesn’t appeal to most people.

That can make the summer months particularly difficult, as many companies are short-staffed for several weeks at a time. To some degree, the rest of your employees will make up for the lost work, understanding that their teammates will do the same for them. But you can only expect them to do so much on top of the work they already have.

A better solution is to hire temporary staff to fill in while your full-time employees are away.

Plan Early

Every firm is in the same position as you, so demand for temporary staff will be high once summer arrives. If you wait until the last minute, the top candidates will already be spoken for, and it will be more difficult to find someone with the skill set you need. By reaching out to a staffing firm in advance, you’re allowing them plenty of time to select qualified applicants.

Pinpoint Your Needs

If your firm has specialized needs, it’s critical to start planning right away. Staffing firms try to maintain a wide range of candidates, but some roles are harder to fill than others. The sooner you contact an agency, the more time they have to scout for new candidates with the qualifications you need or provide additional training to prepare their candidates for your positions.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Chances are, vacations aren’t the only thing that will impact your staffing over the summer. When you’re already short staffed, a sudden illness can critically impact a team’s output. Fortunately, if you are already working with a staffing firm, they know the type of candidates you’re looking for and should be actively looking for additional candidates who match those skills.

Action Group Staffing maintains an extensive database of candidates looking for full-and-part-time work. If you anticipate needing temporary help this summer, contact one of our staffing specialists today, so we can begin the search for your perfect candidates.

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