One of the many benefits of working in the light industrial or labor field is the laidback work environment where you can dress comfortably, act like yourself, and not have to worry about fitting into a corporate culture. Unfortunately, many job candidates assume that freedom extends to the job interview itself. This usually doesn’t go well for the job seeker.

Remember, the interview is not the job. It’s the company’s chance to see if you’re qualified for the position if you’re willing to give them your all and if you can be professional when necessary. Before you go on your next interview, remember the following three tips:

Step 1. Show Up Early

While you may not be expected to show up 10-15 minutes early every day for work, on job interview day, you have to. Showing up late, or with just a few seconds to spare, sends a clear message that you didn’t plan well enough in advance. Late employees cost companies money, and someone who doesn’t take the time to plan ahead and map out their route on a critical day like a job interview, can’t be trusted to show up on time when the stakes aren’t as high.

Step 2. Address Everyone with Respect

There’re two parts to this rule. The first should be obvious. Be respectful of everyone you meet during the interview, whether they’re your potential boss, the secretary, or the custodian. Treating anyone inappropriately or with disrespect is bound to get back to the decision makers.

Second, until you’re told otherwise, refer to everyone you meet as either “Sir” or “Ms.” Once they give you their name, use it. If you already know their name, it’s okay to use it, but only as “Mr. ____” or “Ms. ____.” Never use first names until you’ve been asked to do so.

When speaking with female employees, you may be tempted to use Miss, Misses, or even Mam. Unless you’ve been told otherwise, don’t do it! Any of these terms may be seen as disrespectful, so stick with the neutral “Ms.”

Step 3. Leave Your Gum in the Car

Chewing a stick of gum before your interview is a great idea. No one wants to smell the extra onions you had on your burger at lunch. But chewing gum in an interview is disrespectful and can make it difficult for the interviewer to understand your responses.

Whether it’s your first interview with a company or your fourth, expect that at each stage in the review process you’re going to meet someone you haven’t interacted with before. First impressions are hard to break, so make sure you act with professionalism and respect throughout the interview process. To learn more about interview etiquette, or if you’re ready to start applying, contact an Action Group Staffing Specialist today.


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