Hiring a new employee takes time, and sometimes you can’t wait to fill those position. When you get a major order with a tight deadline, you need extra hands fast. When someone quits suddenly, or needs to take unexpected leave, it can put you in a real pinch.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, the best thing to do is take a moment, step back, and assess the resources you have at hand. They’re going to be your most valuable tools in filling your staffing gaps as quickly as possible.

Contact a Staffing Partner

Hopefully you’ve already built a relationship with a local staffing agency. If not, make that call today.

When you place an ad in your local paper or on an online job board, you have to wait for applications to come in, wade through them until you find candidates with the right skills and experience, and interview each to ensure they’re the right fit.

Rather than waiting for candidates to come to you, a staffing partner can reach out to the right candidates immediately. They maintain extensive databases of eligible job candidates in your area, and they can use that knowledge to target specific candidates who fit your exact needs. Many even provide training and testing to ensure the candidates’ skills are up-to-date and not overstated.

Talk to Your Employees                                                       

A good staffing firm should be able to handle all of your staffing needs, but you should still take advantage of all the resources at hand. When it comes to finding local talent, your employees can be a goldmine of leads.

Most of them have worked other jobs. Chances are plenty have even done temporary work, exactly the kind you’re looking to hire for. They’ll be able to recommend qualified workers who they came to rely on, and they’ll probably steer you clear of some they never want to be stuck working alongside again.

Get Social

Social media can be a powerful tool when you’re looking to hire quickly. Post a brief description of the type of candidates you’re looking for, and ask your employees to share it. As we mentioned above, they probably know people with the skills you need. If not, chances are they know someone who knows someone — and that’s the power of social networking.

A staffing crunch should never be a reason to stress. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to find new talent that may one day join your permanent team. A few small actions on your part can make the process of filling those gaps quick and painless.

Take the first step today, and start building a relationship with your local staffing partner. If you’re in the Oklahoma or New Jersey regions, contact an Action Group Staffing specialist today.


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