As the economy continues to turn around, new constructions are on the rise and skilled tradesman are in high demand. On top of that, many of the baby boomer generation are eyeing retirement, making this the perfect time to consider a career in skilled trades.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable career with huge employment potential, consider these five high-demand skilled trade jobs:


There will never again be a time when electricians aren’t needed. Every new construction needs its electrical wired, and homes and businesses across the country require regular maintenance. If you prefer small-scale projects, consider home and business wiring. For a more challenging career, industrial electrical may be for you.


Just like every new construction needs electrical, every building needs heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), making this another job that will never be out of demand. And right now, given rising energy costs and the increasing move toward green energy, many companies are looking to make changes to their existing setup, creating many new opportunities in this field.


Whether you prefer maintenance or new construction, there is and will continue to be plenty of work for plumbers. Homes, businesses, and municipalities all need experts to manage their water and sewage systems, and they’re happy to pay well for your expertise.

Steamfitting and Pipefitting

If you like to work with your hands and be well compensated for it, steamfitting and pipefitting put you in charge of installing and maintaining heating, cooling, and industrial piping systems to ensure optimum, safe performance.

Heavy Mechanical

If you’re good with engines and want to take that skill to the next level, consider a career working on heavy machinery, like bulldozers and cranes. Just like your car, they need regular maintenance, and it takes a true craftsman to handle their complicated systems.

How to Land a Skilled Trade Job

There is plenty of work out there for skilled craftsmen who know where to look. To learn a skill, consider a trade program, or look for local apprenticeship programs in your area.

When you’re ready to search for your first job, look for an experienced staffing firm. Chances are you don’t have connections with all the firms in your area, but a good staffing firm will. They’ll monitor newly available positions and let you know right away about jobs that match your skill set and areas of interest.

The team at Action Group Staffing is in regular contact with business leaders across Oklahoma and New Jersey. When a new position comes available, we’re one of the first to know about it, and we pass that information along to our qualified clients. So if you’re ready to find your next job, contact an Action Group Staffing specialist today.

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