You nailed the application and wowed them with your resume. Now it’s time to interview. This is your chance to convince them you have what it takes to join their team—or to completely ruin your chances. Just having the experience a company needs isn’t enough to land a job. You need to prove you have the professionalism it takes to be a solid employee.

Know Why You’re There

One of the first questions most interviewers ask is why you want this job. It’s not enough to say that you have all the skills they’re looking for—they already know; that’s why you’re here! You need to prove you’ve given this some thought, and you know they’re as good a fit for you as you are for them. What about this role particularly appeals to you? How does it fit with both your past experience and future career goals? And what makes you a better candidate than anyone else?

Do Your Homework

In the internet age, there is no excuse not to learn everything you can about a company prior to your interview. Look them up on Google, check their profile on LinkedIn, and review their Facebook page. Learn everything you can about the company, and tailor your responses to their mission and goals. You should also look for places where your experience makes you uniquely qualified, and work those into the conversation.

Be Positive

At some point, they’re going to ask about your past employers. They do this in part to get a sense of your experience, but also to gauge your professionalism. If you bad-mouth a former boss or talk poorly about the factory you used to work in, they’re going to wonder what you’ll say about them in the future. Instead, keep things positive. Rather than telling them your boss was a jerk, talk about the ways in which he pushed you to be a better employee. Yes, writing you up for being ten seconds late was a jerk move, but it also taught you a lot about time management.

Landing an interview isn’t easy. The fact that you’re at this stage shows you have the experience the employer is looking for and they see real potential for having you on their team. This is your opportunity to prove them right. Be professional, let them see you’ve already thought a lot about them and this position, and show them why you’re the perfect candidate.

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