Working as a cement mason can be a great job for people who are good with equipment, can solve problems, and know how to stick to a schedule. The first step to get a cement mason job is to understand what they do and what skills you need to be successful.

What Do Cement Masons Do?

Cement masons work with finished concrete. They often work with concrete finishers – workmen who handle poured concrete. Typically, cement masons work outdoors on construction projects. The work can be demanding, so you need to be in good physical condition and able to work outdoors. If you live in a climate that has four seasons, work can be hard to come by in the cold months. Requirements to become a cement mason may vary depending on local code, but there are some skills that all cement masons should have.

What does it take to be a cement mason?

Critical thinking.

Understanding cement may seem simple, but it’s really quite complex. The properties of cement can vary depending on a lot of factors such as temperature, humidity, or the load that it must bear. A successful cement mason must know how to adapt to environmental and other factors, and quickly solve any problems that may arise.

Time management.

Whether you’re working on a residential project that takes just a few days, or a large commercial project that goes on for months or more, cement masons must know how to get the most out of each day. If your supervisor doesn’t do it for you, plan out your day to get the most accomplished possible, remembering to allow time to prepare your tools beforehand and clean up your work area after.

Equipment knowledge.

Cement masons must have a thorough understanding of the tools available to achieve the desired effects. Whether the tasks you are performing are purely functional or involve complex design work, it’s critical to have the right tool for the right job. Familiarize yourself with power and hand tools, and make efforts to adopt new techniques and innovations to keep up with changes to the trade and keep yourself in demand among top employers.

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