Impressing an interviewer is all about showing them that hiring you will make their job easier. Managers want to hire people who are already trained – or easy to train – reliable and hard working. Your job in the interview is to convince the hiring manager that you have all these qualities. How can you do that?

Discuss the following topics:

Timeliness and reliability.

Let the interviewer know that you pride yourself on getting to work on time every day. Talk about your record of not taking unscheduled days off and offer the names of former supervisors willing to vouch for you. This will give the interviewer confidence that you can back up your claims of job dedication.

Strong work ethic.

Offer specific examples of your on-the-job achievements, times when you pitched in when you were needed or performed tasks that needed to be done, even if it was not your job. Employers look for people who are not afraid of hard work and are willing to go the extra mile to reach a goal as part of a team.

Long term opportunities.

Ask questions that show you are in it for the long haul such as “Are there opportunities for career advancement?” or “What is the typical career path for someone in this job? This lets the interviewer know that you take the opportunity seriously and you will do what it takes to make a great impression and advance your career. Ask what future plans the company has – what new projects are coming up, new customers they are serving or vendors they are partnering with.

Even if your job is mostly moving boxes, employers want to know that you care about the big picture. So learn everything you can about the company and don’t be afraid to ask questions that show you care about the job and the company.

One of the best ways to ace a warehouse interview is to work with a staffing company that can help you prepare for the interview and can give you insider knowledge about the employer’s likes and dislikes. They will know what it’s like to work there, and can make sure you’re the perfect fit.

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