Looking for a skilled trade job? A great resume may be just what you need to tip the scales in your favor and beat out the competition to the best jobs. Here are a few helpful tips that can help you impress on paper and win the interview and – hopefully – the job.

Keep it brief.

Hiring managers only have a few seconds – that’s right, seconds – to look over each resume that crosses their desk. Make yours easy to read with plenty of while space and bullets, so hiring managers can skim it quickly.

Try the inverted pyramid.

Journalists are trained that when they write articles, the most important information should go at the top. You might not be a reporter, but there is an important lesson here. You want to grab the reader’s attention before their mind starts to wander.

Put your most important skills at the top of the resume – the ones that the hiring manager will be looking for. Don’t make them work to see that you are perfect for the job. Make it easy.

Don’t send a one-size-fits-all resume.

It’s great to have a basic resume on hand, but there’s no reason you can’t customize it to the job you’re applying for. Put your relevant skills right at the top, followed by the outline of your experience, then any training or certifications that make you a serious contender for the position.

Look for keywords.

Take a careful look at the job post. Do they use certain words when describing the requirements?  Use those same words if you can, so that it’s immediately obvious that you understand the job and are the right person to fill it.

Include a cover letter.

If your first thought is, “Why do I need a cover letter? Everything is right there in my resume,” you’re not the only one. Many job applicants pass up this opportunity to sell themselves and yes, even brag a little by including a cover letter. A cover letter is the bridge that connects the job description and your resume. Include specific examples of how your experience applies to their needs, and use this opportunity to again show how you’d be the perfect fit for the position.

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