While many people think about working in retail to pick up some extra cash around the holidays, warehouse positions can actually be the perfect holiday job.

Many warehouse positions offer off-hour shifts, which can help with juggling family matters during the holidays. Almost all warehouse positions are indoors, which can be a step up from working outside, and many of them are temporary or temp-to-hire positions that could lead to long-term employment down the line.

Furthermore, working off-hours in a warehouse pays more, on average. The run-of-the-mill retail job during the holidays can be minimum wage plus a buck or two more. However, an off-hours warehouse job can be $11 an hour or more.

While these jobs can be a little more physically demanding, and the hours might be tough for some folks to handle, there is a lot of upside to taking on a holiday warehouse job.

Get a foothold in the supply chain industry

Technology and the new global nature of business have made supply chains more important than ever. From retailers like Walmart and Amazon to manufacturers like General Motors, companies are investing more and more into their shipping and receiving operations. For workers, this means career opportunities in the supply chain industry.

A seasonal job can give you an inside look into how a warehouse operates, and it can serve as a preview for any number of supply chain jobs, from logistics personnel to truck driver. A holiday warehouse job also provides the opportunity to make connections in this fast-growing sector of the economy.

Beef up your resume

If your resume is looking a little thin these days, a holiday warehouse job offers a couple ways to make it look more impressive. First, it is a chance for you to show you were able to thrive in a fast-paced and physically demanding work environment. Second, it shows you have a strong work ethic, particularly if you are already working another job.

Give a company a trial run

A holiday warehouse job offers you a peek into how a company operates, and a chance to evaluate it, fairly risk-free. If you really like the company, you have a head start on full-time opportunities there. If not, you can leave at the conclusion of the season.

Better chance for a full-time job with the company

Working for a company in a seasonal capacity, you have the opportunity to put your best foot forward every day you come into work and increase your chances of getting a full-time job at the company, should you want one. Delivering a top-notch performance every day says more than any resume or cover letter ever could.

At Action Group, we have seasonal, part-time, temp-to-hire and full-time positions available for qualified individuals. If you’re looking for a job opportunity, please contact us.

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