A quality assurance (QA) manager is accountable for making certain the raw materials and finished products in a production facility meet the safety and quality standards laid out by both the company itself and any relevant regulations.

An efficient quality control manager should have the proper combination of qualities. These include, but are not limited to, technical know-how, administrative skills and the ability to both work with and direct others effectively.

Having these three qualities will allow a QA manage to be able to address technical issues, earn the respect of their employees, handle administrative obligations and coordinate with others to maintain high quality standards.

Technical Competence

Most manufacturers seek out candidates with some kind of science degree that relates to the materials, products or processes it deals with, whether it’s a bachelor’s or a master’s in biology, food science, chemistry or physics. A relevant science degree means credibility in the eyes of quality assurance workers.

In addition to having a science degree, manufacturers typically prefer that a QA manager candidate has at least a few years of experience working in the QA field or with the materials that will be scrutinized for quality. This experience not only helps when any issues crop out, it also give the person added credibility in the role.

Administrative Competence

Just as important as technical skills and experience is administrative ability, particularly when it comes to dealing with regulatory guidelines, company policies and standard industry practices.

Those looking for these QA manager positions should stay up-to-date by reviewing new and upcoming laws, like the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Modernization Act. Good candidates must also know approaching deadlines and what must be accomplished in preparation.

The deviation in regulatory requirements, and proxedure specifics, between several product categories is why companies seek candidates with experience in the manufacturer’s product, a comparable one, or a minimum of one under the same regulatory purview of FDA or USDA.

Due to the diversity of the industry, various products have several needs, sequence controls, issues and risk amounts, therefore the more experience a candidate has the more they will be ready for the job right before it starts.

For a similar reason, most professionals who only inform themselves along a particular spot have a tendency to stay in that area or in their regulated place.

For instance, somebody that works in a milk plant may go on to a cheese plant, but she or he is probably to stay in dairy. Or, she added, people may change from a more highly regulated product to a less rigid one, like from meat products to baked goods.

Ability to Work with Others

Any kind of manager must be a good director and collaborator in order to be effective. This means having good communication, problem- solving, negotiation and conflict-resolution skills. Ideal candidates should be able to give examples of how they effectively worked with others and succeeded when given the opportunity to lead.

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