If you want to be a genuinely unique candidate when interviewing for any job, you should consider asking question with ‘wow’-factor.

While the majority of the candidates will be asking questions about the role or the company, use the opportunity to help you to stand out. It is critical to develop and rehearse great incisive questions so you can have them down pat for the interview.

Here are a few questions to ask that reveal you’re thinking beyond the standard concerns.

Can you give an example of a situation that describes the company culture?

Inquiring about the work environment and culture is not only a terrific way to figure out if you’ll fit in at the company, it also shows you recognize the significance of transitioning to the team and you’re aware of the significance of team work.

Furthermore, asking for an example doesn’t allow your interviewers off the hook by letting them throw out some nice words about the company. Instead, they must give a concrete example of company culture in action.

The culture question is also a chance to assess how the interview is going and determine if you are connecting with your interviewer(s).

What does success look like in the role?

This question allows you to get down to the nuts and bolts metrics of success. Ideally, your interviewer can talk about specific objectives, and you can respond intelligently by saying how you might meet those goals. The back and forth on this question should show your enthusiasm, positivity and knowledge of the role.

It also reveals your level of preparation and authentic interest in accepting the role by revealing you want specifics on performance.

What concerns do you have about me?

First and foremost, by asking your interviewers what they see as your weaknesses, you are showing you are confident and comfortable in taking criticism.

This question also helps to find out and deal with any probable issues or holes in experience the interviewer may have grasped. Deal with each of these directly, concentrating on your skill and keenness to learn new skills quickly.

To prepare for the response to this question, go over the job description ahead of the interview to spot any knowledge gaps, so you’re prepared to discuss them when it’s time.

What comes next in the hiring process?

After you’ve gone through the other questions and the interview is coming to a natural close, you need to wrap it up.

This question not only shows you’re excited and committed to taking the job, it also can provide you with important information of if and when you should follow up.

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