You’ve probably heard it by now: There just aren’t enough people going into skilled trade work these days.

For electricians and other skilled tradespersons, that means job opportunities abound and a significant amount of choice when it comes to choosing the terms of employment.

Electricians perform a wide variety of tasks from complete installation of wiring in a new construction project to repairing older systems. As an electrician, you will need mechanical aptitude, strong problem-solving skills, customer service skills and more.

Here is a brief rundown of the skills you need to succeed as an electrician.

Mechanical inclinations

Not everybody has a natural inclination for technical things. If you’ve always liked seeing how things work, fixing broken stuff around the house and putting things together, electrical work might be a solid career fit for you. If, on the other hand, a basic DIY project leaves you irritated, this won’t be the right career path for you. Being at ease around electrical work and being confident in your natural ability is a must.

Problem-solving abilities

Diagnosing and fixing electrical issues is a big part of an electrician’s job. As soon as the apprenticeship has ended, it will be mostly up to you to address issues and locate solutions. Knowing how to fix an electrical problem is an important part of this job. Understanding the pros and cons of solutions to various issues is a different crucial skill of most successful electricians.

Good verbal and written communication abilities

In building systems or fixing problems, electricians are in constant communication with many people. Work orders might be written on paper or sent via email, and an electrician must be able to understand all the details they include. Electricians must also be able to break down complex technical issues into laymen’s terms for management and non-technical decision-makers.

Therefore, being able to speak, read, write and listen effectively is essential for electrical work.

Business know-how

Because so many electricians eventually become independent contractors, business acumen is something that can come in handy. A general understanding of business issues, like invoicing, tracking inventory, managing workers and organizing, will help many electricians make the leap to supervisory roles or running their own business.

Customer service ability

The amount an electrical technician interacts with customers can vary significantly based on the size of the company they work for and the type of position. Electricians working for a massive international corporation will probably spend most of their time servicing machinery. On the other hand, an electrician working for a small business will probably have to wear many hats, and that means direct interaction with customers.

Either way, being able to present yourself as a competent professional comes in handy in any job, in any size company.

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