Composing a good resume for a call center position is a tricky task. After all, you must figure out intriguing, unique ways to say you can answer a phone and talk to people professionally.

Hiring managers know the job’s lack of complexity, but they also know call center representatives are the voice of the business. Hence, this customer service job is about more than just answering phones. Phone representatives need to be friendly and communicative. They have to be problem solvers and excellent listeners. They have to know company guidelines and be well-informed about the company’s products, services and policies. If the open position is a sales job, the representative will have to understand the best ways to improve a company’s conversion rates.

Know the job

Call center wages can be impacted by several factors. If the job involves selling products, there might be a commission or financial incentives available. If the job involves providing customer service or dealing with emergency scenarios, it typically pays a flat rate.

On average, call center reps make around $26,000 each year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As of 2011, the District of Columbia had the highest average salary for a call center rep: $41,160 dollars.

Because the future job performance of the employee will be a reflected on the hiring manager, they will be discerning when screening resumes and on the lookout for certain qualities.

Summary section

Many people work a call center representative job as a way to gain experience in pursuit of either a promotion within the company or a job further along their intended career path with another employer. Generally speaking, these jobs aren’t worked with the intention of staying in them for decades.

Hiring managers are aware of the transient nature of the job, yet they want to hire someone who will stay in the position for several years or more. Therefore, hiring managers look for resumes that indicate a multiyear level of commitment.

In order to indicate that level of commitment, the Summary or Objective section of your resume should indicate you are currently looking for a call center representative position, not a manager’s job or general job in communications.

Skills and experience

Every call center has its own unique practices and guidelines, and that means new hires are trained differently. Instead of getting into specific practices at a given employer, a call center resume should indicate a solid grasp on standard customer service practices and concepts, along with a solid understanding of establishing a relationship that works for both client and company.

A call center resume cites an ability to handle stressful situations as well as a familiarity with modern, computer-based communication systems. If you have had any formal training in communications or public service, it needs to be highlighted because these characteristics are the bedrock of a call center position.

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